Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Police have discovered 4 smuggling drop-houses in the last week

One troublesome story told by the Arizona Republic,
"A few hours later, Phoenix police discovered 33 more undocumented immigrants being held inside a house at 4423 N. 32nd St. after a woman called police to report that smugglers had taken her baby. The woman told police she had gone to the house to pay a $1,400 smuggling fee for her mother, but smugglers demanded an additional $700. When she left to try to get the money, the smugglers took her baby as collateral, Ahr said. The baby was returned unharmed."

Here is the full story from the Arizona Republic.

What are your feelings about the illegal alien issue? Feel free to add your insightful remarks about immigration, the new Bush policy and what America should do about immigration in the future.


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