Tuesday, February 17, 2004


New York Times discovers even more Bush donors

Leslie Wayne of the New York Times can't decide whether or nor Arab Americans like President Bush. (According to the Times, you have to love or hate him, right?) The article discusses some Arab American fears of being singled out as Muslims while other Arabs are so happy and proud that President Bush got rid of Saddam that they are donating huge sums of money to his campaign.

The Times believes that Groupthink pervades all ethnic and minority communities. Stories such as these Arabs who happen to be Republican and support Bush confuses reporters like Wayne. At one point Wayne wrote that an Arab family is still supporting Bush despite the fact that their son "was recently surrounded by the police and detained at an airport for no apparent reason other than his ethnic background." It never occurred to Wayne that this Arab family might understand the new level of heightened security is part of the war on terror to make all of us Americans safer. They are Americans too.


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