Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Dick Morris gives valuable advice to the Bush campaign

Dick Morris is an astute political observer. He is the best in the country when it comes to analyzing and formulating campaign strategy. Lately, he's been a bit wobbly suggesting that Kerry should pick Hillary for the V.P. nod (Kerry would never dream of doing that) but in today's New York Post, the Morris analysis is pretty much accurate. However, I think that the Bush campaign should do more to trumpet the President's successes first, build up some good will and then start taking shots on John Kerry.

The Bush team should look at Bill Clinton's successful and very smart 1996 strategy. While the Republicans were bashing Bob Dole, Clinton parlayed his huge campaign war-chest and did some political chest-beating. Warm and fuzzy commercials showed Clinton working hard in the Oval Office (Monica was hiding underneath his J.F.K. desk), signing bills in the Rose Garden and touting what accomplishments he made.

Bill Clinton did not have stellar poll numbers in early 1996. Due to his publicity machine he was able to rise in the polls early enough that Dole had to play catch-up during the rest of the 1996 campaign. President Bush should run the same way against Senator Kerry.

Here is the Dick Morris analysis, "Why W. must bash Kerry now"


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