Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Election commission voted 4-2 to limit soft money activities

According to USA Today,
"The Federal Election Commission took a step Wednesday toward limiting the activities of political groups that seek to help or defeat President Bush in this year's election.
The commission voted 4-2 to advise some groups that they may not use unlimited contributions known as "soft money" for TV ads, mailings and other communications that "promote, support, attack or oppose" a candidate for federal office. The ruling could have a disproportionate effect on Democrats, who have been more active at creating the new non-party political committees.

The most prominent Democratic groups, America Coming Together (ABC) and the Media Fund, said they would continue to operate as planned."

Aside from Bradley Smith, I think we should recognize this as a good sign. We should not let George Soros' billions decide who is going to win the election. It seems like Ellen Weintraub understands.

Here is the interesting USA Today article.


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