Sunday, February 15, 2004


Since a world-class education is not enough, Harvard decides to encourage its students to plunge into peddling the flesh trade.

Despite the advent of the internet and cable's porn industry, Harvard feels that its students are deprived from finding out all of what they need to know about the birds and the bees while sheltered on a college campus in Cambridge, MA.

"H Bomb" will serve as Harvard's sex magazine for the students, by the students and of the students.

Despite the fact that nudes will be prominently displayed (who knew?) The Boston Globe reports that "the editors, who are both women, and their faculty adviser responded with statements stressing their literary and artistic mission and denying that the magazine would be pornographic."

We're sure that you, curious professors and the Board of Trustees are going to read the magazine for the articles! Maybe Jimmy Carter is going grant an interview about lust. Hef is gonna be so proud. . .


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