Sunday, February 15, 2004


George Will reveals 28 devastating ways to prove this election year that John Kerry is not as "electable" as the lemming-like Democrat voters have made been to think since the Iowa caucuses.

If the Republicans play their cards right, and use these 28 talking points (Will promises at least 28 more) in a smart and nuanced manner, Bush backers should be breathing easier by the time November arrives.

Here are some interesting tidbits that George Will raised:

"IN the more than 250 days until Nov. 2, John Kerry can answer questions that linger in spite of, or because of, all he has said so far. Such as:
Other than denoting your disapproval, what does the adjective mean in the phrase "special interest"? Is the National Education Association a special interest? The AFL-CIO?

You say the federal government is not spending enough on education. President Bush has increased education spending 48 percent. How much is enough?

In January 1991, after Iraq extinguished Kuwait's sovereignty, you opposed responding with force rather than economic sanctions. Have such sanctions ever undone such aggression?"

Great stuff, huh?! Check out the rest, right here!


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