Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Look Who's Attacking Now

As Kerry picked up the endorsement of a union, Alliance for Economic Justice, he accused President Bush of forgetting about the needs and concerns of police officers and firefighters.

In a low blow, Kerry accused the President of using emergency workers as props and photo-ops saying, "I'm tired of these politicians who show up when the bagpipes are waving and the flags are at half-staff and they talk about heroes in America, and then they go back to Washington, and when the flags are at full staff again and the bagpipes have stopped playing, they forget."

Kerry continued his attacks on President Bush by saying, "This is not a conservative Republican administration, this is an extreme radical administration. And we need to replace them with common sense and with fundamental American values." These comments were posted at 12:33 EST by Mike Glover, AP writer, in the SF Gate.

John Kerry is trying to instigate a nasty campaign against the Bush/Cheney ticket. He's the one who encouraged the reckless National Guard issue, and he is trying to play Mr. Innocence by warning the media that the Bush campaign is going to start the nastiness, when that is all John Kerry has been doing since he started running. This man knows nothing but how to fight dirty (ask William Weld). Expect nothing less than disgusting remarks that John Kerry made today.


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