Thursday, February 19, 2004


Barbara Boxer and others come out against gay marriage in election year

Democrats back-peddling goes to show that their liberal pandering only takes them so far when they are desperate to win at all costs. (See Barney Frank's opposition to timing of gay marriages in San Francisco, below)

From the San Jose Mercury News,
"Boxer found herself in the middle of the barrage. Responding to calls by GOP contenders Bill Jones and Rosario Marin to take a stance, her spokesman David Sandretti read a statement from Boxer: ``The mayor has decided to test state law. My opinion is that state law is fair and appropriate because it gives equal rights to all citizens.''

Sandretti added that the senator believes that the state's domestic-partnership law provides gay couples with ``full rights and responsibilities of marriage'' and that marriage as defined by state law should remain between a man and a woman.

Kate Kendell, whose National Lesbian Rights Group is representing Martin and Lyon in support of the city, called Boxer's words disappointing."

Here is the whole article


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