Friday, March 26, 2004


Boston Globe ignores story while Boston Herald reports on Matt Margolis tussle with union guys

The Apologists for John Kerry, The Boston Globe, ignored the story of the Margolis brothers being set upon by union blowhards and instead gleefully wrote about "satirical" liberal protestors. It called the protests "peaceful." Oh yeah?

According to the Boston Herald, it sounds like Matt Margolis, of Blogs for Bush, and his brother were outnumbered as they got taunted and threatened by these union heavies. Way to go for supporting Bush in Kerry country! Wow, what a story!!

Two Bush supporters, twin brothers Matt and Aaron Margolis, traded blows at the corner of Arlington and Boylston streets with several men who they said were union members. The fight started after a man wearing an Ironworkers Local 7 sweatshirt, perched atop a subway entrance, repeatedly taunted the brothers. "They told us to get out of here or we'd get beaten up," said Matt Margolis, 24, of Beverly. "I said, 'I support your freedom of speech - please support mine. Come on down and we can have a conversation.' He jumped down and swung on my brother. Then they all jumped in and tore our signs apart."

Update: First hand account by Matt Margolis with great photos! And, it's already been duly noted on Blogs for Bush, Wizbang, Pardon my English, Ramblings' Journal, Knowledge is Power, Citizen Smash, Rob Bernard.

Update II: Rush Limbaugh mentioned this story and read the Matt Margolis quote on this radio show at 2:15 ET.

Update III: Shameless Self Promotion, TacJammer, JoeFish's Freshwater Blog, A Collection of Thoughts, Daily Pundit, InstaPundit, KalBlog, Democrats Give Conservatives Indigestion, Dog Snot Diaries, Daily News Brief


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