Monday, March 29, 2004


CNN doesn't say that protestors swarmed Karl Rove's home, knocking on his windows

According to a Washington Post article, supporters of the proposed "DREAM Act," stormed Karl Rove's lawn, surrounded his house, pounded on his windows and demanded that he come outside. But CNN.com never mentioned what the protestors did on Karl Rove's property. CNN only said that "protesters stood outside Rove's Washington house to show their support for the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, or the DREAM Act."

The DREAM Act is a bill that would allow illegal aliens to pay in-state tuition for college. It was introduced by a Republican, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah.

According to the Washington Post: "Seems like he doesn't want to invite us in for tea," Emira Palacios quipped to the crowd. Others chanted, "Karl Rove ain't got no soul." The crowd then grew more aggressive, fanning around the three accessible sides of Rove's house, tracking him through the many windows, waving signs that read "Say Yes to DREAM" and pounding on the glass. At one point, Rove rushed to a window, pointed a finger and yelled something inaudible.

Palacios, trembling and in tears herself, said, "He is very offended because we dared to come here. We dared to come here because he dared to ignore us. I'm sorry we disturbed his children, but our children are disturbed every day. "He also said, 'Don't ever dare to come back,' " Palacios said. "We will, if he continues to ignore us."

But, CNN didn't report about any of these tactics. It only tried to explain the bill supporter's point of view: The measure would grant conditional legal status to youths who have lived in the United States for at least five years and were younger than 16 at the time of their entry. Their families must have paid taxes for at least three years.

CNN's picture belies the facts presented in its own story. Here, protestors are shown demonstrating directly on Karl Rove's property.

Update: Friends, Kalblog discusses this story. In addition, Knowledge is Power guesses how people got Karl Rove's address. Others writing about this include, Resurrection Song, Captain's Quarters, Wizbang, Aaron Meck, and The Agonist. But, Suburban Guerilla excuses this crass behavior.


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