Sunday, March 07, 2004


Coordinated attacks on President Bush's ads reveal cynical ploy by desperate Democrats

The Democrats and the Kerry campaign knew for a while that President Bush's campaign was going to unveil his new ads on March 4th. Knowing that they didn't have the campaign ads, nor the money to rebut the Bush/Cheney ticket finally making a foray into the political season, the Kerry camp had to drum up another bogus issue. This time, the newly minted outrage of the week was the supposed exploitation of photos from the World Trade Center being used in the Republican ads.

It is quite clear that the Democrats force-fed talking point language to the very few 9/11 families who were willing to be used as political pawns. The few who voiced outraged parodied the same language that Bush used images of the 9/11 attacks (he did not - there were no pictures of the hijacked planes or burning twin towers), that Bush has not even met with the 9/11 Commission yet (has Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Madeline Albright?), and that he was reading to school-children when the attacks occurred (what were the rest of us doing?).

A few 9/11 families felt compelled to state that they found the ads to be tasteful and inspiring. But the fact that more families did not make their feelings known indicate that they knew only a few families needed to defend the Bush ads and that the vast majority of families do not want to be involved with political wrangling. The silence of the majority indicate that further discussion on this topic is pointless.

The Bush campaign should have seen these scurrilous attacks coming. Thinking that it was their turn and the Democrats would quietly sit by because the Republicans had done so during the primaries is fool hardy. The Bush-Cheney team should have already laid the groundwork and let us know that inspiring images of the American response to tragedy would be used and blunt nasty accusations by saying that no Democrats should try to stir up emotions by claiming the Bush campaign used images for selfish gains.


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