Sunday, March 28, 2004


Democrat Mike Hatch's daughters hit police officers, smashed cop car window

THE daughters of Minnesota attorney general, Mike Hatch, were arrested in Chicago. Two daughters, Anne and Elizabeth, were partying with their mom at Chicago's nightclub, Crobar. After mom left, all hell broke loose.

They started "creating a scene and causing a disturbance,'' said police spokesman Matthew Jackson, and were asked to leave because they were intoxicated.

The women refused, and a security guard flagged down a police officer in the area, who also asked the women to leave. The women allegedly began "yelling and screaming'' outside the club and then slapped two officers in the face, Jackson said.

After the women were arrested and put into a squad car, Anne Hatch allegedly kicked a rear window, shattering it, police said. The women suffered injuries including black eyes, a fractured wrist and cuts to the face, arms, knees and thighs, Hatch's office said. They were released from a police lockup about 2 p.m. Saturday.

The website for the National Association of Attorneys General website says:
Attorney General Mike Hatch is well known as an outspoken advocate for consumers, senior citizens and victims of crime. His criminal justice initiatives include enhanced law enforcement efforts to fight gangs, keep sex offenders off the street, protect victims of domestic abuse, and integrate statewide criminal justice computer systems to allow law enforcement to share vital information.

Mike Hatch has also said that people with criminal backgrounds should not be able to care for mentally retarded citizens. According to the Star Tribune, Hatch said:
"Any criminal convicted of a violent crime, person-to-person crime, should be banned from caring for a vulnerable person," he said. "We're talking about protecting vulnerable people who can't defend themselves, and we allow this? It's bizarre what we're allowing."

Udpate: Friends, Talk Left points out an article that says the Hatch daughters are accusing police of excessive conduct. Oh really?


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