Sunday, March 14, 2004


This "victory" for Socialists only signals how terrorism works when it spreads fear

President Franklin D. Roosevelt eloquently said to Americans, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" in response to the horrific sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, over 62 years ago. Today, Spanish voters were motivated by fear in response to a devastating terrorist attack that occurred last Thursday.

While Daily Kos has informative poll results, the analysis is laughable at best. Liberals can't sugarcoat the stigma of "socialism" by trying to accuse conservatives of "demonizing" it. The election results are not "Bush's folly." The folly is how excuses are made for why 200 innocent civilians were killed. There is no justification for why Madrid was bombed. The terrorist attacks show precisely why Bush, Blair and Aznar have understood that terrorism is a threat to our way of life and our enjoyment of democracy.

Terrorism, not democracy, won the elections today. Fear, not hope, won the elections today.

friends: please check these out, too: 1. Blogs for Bush 2. Daily News Brief 3. Kalblog 4. PowerLine 5. A Small Victory 6. Allah Pundit 7. Blogcritics (hat tip to The Ma'at of Mike) 8. Calpundit 9. Eschaton (Atrios) is way off base for minimizing and maligning the troops from Spain and a hat tip to PoliBlog for pointing out the post by Mark Kleiman. However, I found Kleiman's post to be noncommital and waffling in a Jon Kerry sort-of-way and his last paragraph to be a silly cheap shot. The fact is Aznar's government released possible Al-Qaeda involvement before the election and the voters reacted in fear of more terrorism.


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