Wednesday, April 21, 2004

"60 Minutes" Schedule 

The CBS show, "60 Minutes" has released its schedule for the rest of the t.v. season

April 25- "OPERATION: SURPRISE PARTY": Leslie Stahl uncovers what happened during the planning of a surprise birthday party for the Secretary of State, Colin Powell, on April 5th, 2002. Stahl interviews a White House chef who says, "everyone in the White House, from janitors to carpenters, knew what the birthday cake was going look like, except Powell. The President even allowed Rumsfeld and Rice to take a sneak peek in the kitchen. Rumsfeld had time to count all 65 candles. Powell had no idea what was going on." Stahl, incredulous, asks, "no idea?!" The chef replies, "none."

May 2- "THE CAMP DAVID SNUB": Morley Safer interviews an unidentified member of President Bush's Cabinet. In fact, the official's voice is disguised. The cabinet official is upset with what happened at a August 2002 meeting in Camp David saying, "when a meeting is over, President Bush likes to give us a little pat on the back on the way out. Well, that day, only the big cabinet officials got a pat on the back; Defense, State, Treasury, Justice and Homeland Security. The rest of us in Agriculture, Interior, Transportation, Labor and others got nothing. It's like so high school, we're not part of the cool clique. I mean, the President hasn't given me a nickname yet." Safer shakes his head, "no nickname, huh?" The anonymous cabinet official replies, "I told him he could call me 'Solar Spencer' but he hasn't done it, yet." Safer says, "That's amazing."

May 9- "GUESS WHO LIKES REALITY T.V.": Mike Wallace interviews a reporter who, in his latest book, describes President Bush's television viewing habits. The reporter tells Wallace, "The President says he only watches sports on television. However, I discovered that on one night, Condoleeza Rice accidentally walked into a small, little used White House office and discovered the president watching 'The Bachelorette: Trista and Ryan's wedding.' The President shot up saying he thought a game was on but couldn't find it and was only channel surfing. But, Rice noticed something the next day. Before a national security briefing was about to start, several staffers started talking about the wedding. She said President Bush acted like he wasn't paying attention but she could tell that his ears were perked up as if he wanted to say something about the show."

May 16- "THE JERK STORE": Andy Rooney uses up the entire hour to recite a list of names of people he wishes were never born which includes; Mel Gibson, Bill Gates, Bob Woodward, Dan Rather, Cher, Henry Ford, Richard Nixon, Whittaker Chambers, Sylvester Stallone, Rudy Giuliani, Jesus, Graham Greene, Albert Einstein, Elia Kazan, the whole Bush administration, Paul Hogan, Rasheed Wallace, Bill O'Reilly, the Marlboro man, Donald Trump, Miss Piggy, David Beckham, Geraldo Rivera, Jayson Blair, Dick Morris, Clarence Thomas, Robert Moses, Clint Eastwood, Ernest Hemingway, and Margaret Thatcher.

Another season of great, questioning, inquisitive journalism from "60 Minutes!"


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