Thursday, April 29, 2004


William Webb

The Butcher of Chappaquiddick-aka-Senator Teddy Kennedy-aka-John Kerry's good friend is the worst senator in the history of the republic.

Kennedy is the most evil, morally-bankrupt politician to grace the annals of American politics. He is a cross between Golam and a hideously over-weight hyena. The term "drinker's nose," only begins to describe him. Since he inherited his wealth, he doesn't have to worry about taxes so is always ready to raise yours and has never seen an immigration bill too liberal to sponsor.

Here's a guy who got kicked out of Harvard for cheating, has his own machinations of an Army enlistment, and was present at a rape for which Kennedy justice, yet again, prevailed.

However, unlike his deceased Camelot brothers who have only been suspected in Marilyn Monroe's suicide and one other mysterious death, Senator Kennedy was directly responsible for killing somebody.

For those to-young to remember, Camelot's senator was responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick in July 1969. His reprehensible, cowardly and illegal-anywhere-except-if-you're-a-Kennedy behavior is well documented from multiple sources. Yet, the voters of Massachusetts keep sending Camelot's senator back to serve beside his friend John Kerry.

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