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Bill Clinton's Op-Ed piece in the Washington Post is a textbook example of spin

Clinton fiddled while Rwanda burned

On the tenth anniversary of the genocide that occurred in Rwanda, Bill Clinton saw fit to address another stain on his legacy by writing an Op-Ed piece in Tuesday's Washington Post. Several people have commented on this including, Croooow Blog, Demagogue, Rantingprofs, and Barking Moonbat. Clinton's message was that despite the fact he was elected President, was leader of the free world, all of us are to blame for what happened in Rwanda. Clinton did not even cite any political, policy and diplomatic decisions that he made on his own which resulted in him standing by while 800,000 people were slaughtered.

In 1994, members of the Hutu tribe tried to exterminate the Tutsi tribe by brutally murdering 800,000 of them. Bill Clinton, other Western leaders, and the United Nations had knowledge of what was going on in Rwanda but decided to do nothing about it. In fact, PBS's "Frontline" (hardly a member of the "vast right-wing conspiracy") said that "In just 100 days, the Hutu majority of Rwanda murdered an estimated 800,000 of their Tutsi countrymen--a rate of killing that was faster than the Nazis."

However, Bill Clinton attempted to minimize his administration's failure to step in and preserve 800,000 lives. Clinton tried to spread the blame around by using a collective "we" in his essay as if you had some hand in the decision making at the West Wing, circa 1994. Clinton, notorious for injecting himself into any mundane topic, seemed remarkably detached from a genocide that wiped out generations of history. Clinton said, in various ways, how "we" share the blame along with him. . .

the international community and nations in Africa must share the responsibility for this tragedy

We did not act quickly enough after the killing began. We should not have allowed the refugee camps to become safe haven for the killers. We did not immediately call these crimes by their rightful name: "genocide."

all of us who failed to respond

our collective failures in Rwanda

our mistakes in Rwanda

We need to improve our intelligence-gathering capabilities, increase the speed with which international intervention can be undertaken and muster the global political will

We owe it these young dancers

We must never forget the past

we must also never fail to meet our own responsibility

Bill Clinton used his inimitable spin tactics in order to change the way we view his Rwanda failure. The fact that Bill Clinton ignored the horrors of genocide during his presidency is a devastating indictment that will haunt his prized legacy through the annals of history. The purpose of submitting to the Post his version of the events was to deflect attention away from his own gross negligence. Even PBS noted, "Philip Gourevitch, an expert on the Rwanda genocide, bitterly notes at the conclusion of this report, the Clinton administration's failure to intervene in Rwanda 'wasn't a failure to act. The decision was not to act. And at that, we succeeded greatly.' "

Bill Clinton's Learn from Rwanda
PBS's "Frontline," The Triumph of Evil


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