Friday, April 16, 2004


Terry McAuliffe's own racial troubles indicates possibility of larger problem in the DNC

Do as I say. . . Dems must figure out how to confront their racist past and present

DNC delegate calls for McAuliffe's withdrawal over 'colored' remark

Is there more than meets to eye when it comes to Terry McAuliffe's silence regarding Christopher Dodd's racist comments about Robert Byrd's career? Apparently so. It seems that Mr. McAuliffe has exhibited, and had to apologize for, his own racist words. According to CNN, McAuliffe referred to blacks as "colored people" at a 2001 DNC meeting. Alvin Holmes, a DNC delegate from Alabama, even urged McAuliffe to withdraw his candidacy for the DNC's top post.

Holmes told CNN that when McAuliffe addressed the Congressional Black Caucus Friday afternoon, he told members that if he said colored people before, he apologizes, and explained that he meant to say people of color.

Holmes said some members of the caucus shouted "No you didn't!" at the Democratic fundraiser.

Clearly, the Democratic Party must do something to address its racist past and problems of the present. Hillary Clinton had to apologize for joking that Mahatma Gandhi used to run a gas station in St. Louis. Bill Clinton has even referred to the Democratic party as the "Party of Jefferson" despite the fact that Jefferson was a slave owner. The modern day racist policies of the Democratic party include denying vouchers to minority children and forcing them to attend segregated public schools while elite white Democratic officials are able to have a choice and send their children to private schools.

In light of Terry McAuliffe's and Christopher Dodd's apologies over their racist remarks, white Democratic politicians should make sure they attend racial sensitivity sessions. Since there is a noted KKK member in their ranks, Robert Byrd, the Democrats should have a dialogue within their party about race.

(. . .don't hold your breath)


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