Monday, April 26, 2004


Enter this contest and make the argument for who is the worst U.S. Senator


Never met a podium he didn't like

This is an essay contest. Submit your essay, 300-500 words, on who you think is the worst senator currently serving in the United States Senate. It can be Republican or Democrat, from your home state or out of state. The winner's essay will be published in this space on Thursday afternoon. Links will be provided to the websites' of the top 5 finishers. The Galvin Opinion is the sole judge to determine which is the best essay based on argument, reasoning, intellectual honesty and writing style. The DEADLINE is Thursday, April 29, 3pm ET/12pm PT. Submit your essays and any questions to by sending an e-mail to The Galvin Opinion."

(Following is my choice. Submissions that agree with this pick won't get any special consideration!)
In my opinion, Charles Schumer, is the worst senator serving the United States Senate today. No issue is too small for him to trump up at a Sunday press conference in order to gain frivolous television attention. He has not filled the big shoes of his senate predecessors who have served New York State with distinction. Schumer is too small for the job. Now, my home state's other senator, Hillary Clinton, is no great leader either. However, the only thing that Schumer has worked hard for is denying hard working conservative immigrants like Miguel Estrada from being appointed to federal judicial posts. And, last October, 10 people died on the Staten Island Ferry due to gross misconduct on the part of many workers and officials. Schumer would typically knock a child down in order to get in front of television cameras, denounce what happened, and demand an investigation. But, Schumer's wife, Iris Weinshall, is in charge of the Staten Island Ferry as New York City's Transportation Commissioner. So far, Schumer has said nothing critical about the Staten Island tragedy. The Galvin Opinion noted on March 9th how Schumer has ignored this horrific story.

Next week: Who is the Best Senator. In two weeks: Who is the worst U.S. Rep. In three weeks: Who is the best U.S. Rep.


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