Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Fomer presidential advisor says Bill Clinton improperly influenced federal judge in Whitewater case

Newsmax.com reported a revelation Dick Morris made while on "Hannity & Colmes." In his book, "Rewriting History," Morris said that Clinton was afraid that former Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker would reveal Hillary Clinton's involvement in the Castle Grande scandal. According to Morris, when Clinton heard that Tucker threatened to implicate Hillary in the wide-ranging scandal, the former president "put his head in his hands and said, 'Oh my God, do you know what he means?" Morris claimed that Clinton got U.S. federal judge Henry Woods to dismiss Whitewater charges against Tucker.

"Later that night, Morris said Clinton told him, 'I took care of that problem today.' Three weeks later Judge Woods tossed out the Tucker indictment."

Morris's allegation, if true, is deeply disturbing. It is a first-hand account of how the Clintons try to implement influence and power by using people to protect their political fortunes. Bill knew that he had to extricate Hillary from any more questions about her handling of the Castle Grande records.

The accusations coming from Dick Morris just might be sour grapes. But, Morris was an advisor to the Clintons for more than 20 years. He is a Democrat. Mainstream media programs have tripped over themselves to air revelations by former Bush aides like Paul O'Neill. I doubt there will be a large outcry to demand what Bill Clinton did, when he was President, to get a federal judge in Arkansas to call off the dogs.


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