Sunday, June 27, 2004


MARYANNE MURRAY BUECHNER of Time Magazine compiled a list of 50 intriguing websites that came to her staff's attention over the past year. They are organized into 5 categories.

1) News & Information 2) Lifestyle & Culture 3) Communities 4) Tools & Essentials
5) Just for Fun

It's funny how Time Magazine only just discovered sites like CraigsList, MeetUp.com and Friendster. But, the article does highlight some quirky, fun and interesting sites to check out.

Here's a few of the sites that I found interesting. Click here for the full list.

1. Bloglines
If you want to stay plugged into the world of politics, technology, show business or any other area of professional or personal interest, you have to read Web logs, a.k.a. blogs, regularly-updated personal or collaborative online journals.

2. MetaCritic
See what all the critics are saying about that movie you want to see, that album you want to buy or that video game you want to play. The "Metascores" show the critical consensus at a glance; they are a weighted average of all the critics' grades.

3. Mojam
You can search the concert database by artist, city or venue. The MyMojam feature allows registered users to save their favorite searches so that they can get the results immediately upon signing in.

4. Yoox.com
A huge hit in Europe, this fashion e-tailer is making headway in the American market thanks to a slick site and the best selection of high-end designer clothing for both men and women we've seen anywhere on the Web. Much of the inventory is last season, so prices are slashed.

5. Triggerstreet.com
A place for aspiring filmmakers and screenwriters to get feedback on their work and, possibly, some exposure within the industry. Register, upload your masterpiece and subject it to the scrutiny of thousands.

6. Comedycentral.com
For Chapelle's Show fans, there's Sound Board, where you mix and match your favorite character quips to a background beat.

Once again, the whole entire list... Time Magazine's 50 Coolest Websites of the past year


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