Thursday, June 10, 2004


Fleischer spoke of Bush's commitment to Israel at the Park East Synagogue

I was fortunate enough to get an invitation to see Ari Fleischer speak on Tuesday, June 8. The former White House press secretary spoke to the Republican Jewish Coalition at the Park East Synagogue in Manhattan. He gave a spirited defense of President George W. Bush. Fleischer highlighted Bush's strong commitment to Israel as well as the President's success in the War on Terror.

Fleischer was impressive as he recounted what President Bush has done to fight for peace and combat terrorism around the world. He gave insight as to what President Bush is like, behind closed doors, when it comes to fighting evil. The most telling moment came when Fleischer spoke about what President Bush thinks of Yasser Arafat. According to Fleischer, Bush met with a leader from the Middle East and told him that Arafat is an impediment to peace with Israel and is not even looking for what is best for his fellow Palestinians. When this Middle East leader told Bush that Arafat is all they got, Fleischer said that Bush leaned in so close that their knees were touching and Bush said, "I know that there is someone out there who is better." When the leader confronted Bush asking for someone specifically, Bush replied "I don't know who it is but I know he's out there. It seems that I have more confidence in the ability of Palestinians to find a force for peace than you do."

Fleischer staunchly defended President Bush's policy on fighting terrorism. He said that President Bush will do whatever it takes to protect America and has proved that by eliminating the Taliban as well as Saddam Hussein's regime.

Fleischer exhorted his largely Jewish audience to encourage their friends to support President Bush. To paraphrase, Fleischer said, "I would not be here before you tonight unless I had a deep and binding faith that this president is the right man for the job and will do whatever he can to keep America safe and help Israel."

I was impressed by Ari Fleischer. He spoke with clarity and gave a sound and cogent argument about why it is important to keep George W. Bush in the White House. I know that the crowd warmly received Fleischer's words. It is my hope that Ari Fleischer continue to help the president during the campaign because he knows what exactly what this country is facing and what this election is all about.


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