Tuesday, June 22, 2004


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1) Michelle Malkin sheds light on Wobbly Watchdogs
There's more the story could have added. According to one Hill source, nearly all of these watchdog groups are funded with money from the hyper-partisan Bush-basher George Soros: Public Campaign, $1.2 million; Public Citizen, $100,000; Common Cause, $600,000; Democracy 21, $250,000.

2) Bill Hobbs says that Karl Zinsmeister's Dawn Over Baghdad is a good book about the war in Iraq
The publisher's description calls is "a completely fresh, close-up look at the guerilla struggle in Iraq" that "shows exactly how young American soldiers are quietly but inexorably choking off a terrorist insurrection and planting the seeds (sometimes at great personal cost) of a dramatically different Middle East."

3) Wizbang has a roundup of the latest beheading victim, South Korea's Kim Sum-Il

4) Abercrombie Chick encourages people to discuss the fate of the Korean hostage

5) Allah offers Clinton a book title suggestion, "Smell my Finger". Plus, you gotta check out the hilarious picture due to the magic of PhotoShop!
Titles that didn't make the cut: "Stickin' It," "American Bukkake," and, a personal favorite, "Hold It Now; Hit It".


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