Wednesday, June 23, 2004


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1. Mark Kilmer highlights a history of The Crusades
2. Citizen Smash does a good job of highlighting how many made the Saddam and Osama connection during the 90's
3. James Joyner says while South Korea won't appease the terrorists, USA is making a kinder and gentler approach to North Korea
4. The Unusual Suspects suggests that Boston Democratic convention-goers take a walk on The Freedom Trail. That's a good idea!
5. Dizzy Girl has a vested interest in Blogosphere Survivor
6. One Fine Jay notes that a juror has been kicked off the Scott Peterson trial. The "juror from hell" said he would have voted for acquittal, too. Yikes.
7. Krissy Fedora loves America and loves being patriotic. Damn straight.
8. Jennifer Martinez likes what the Belmont Club has to say but doesn't like liberals posting comments on her site, so much.


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