Monday, June 28, 2004


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1. Pejman has a good critique of Kerry.
2. John Cole points out another muddled Supreme Court decision. And it has to do with the bad guys here, not over there.
3. The lawyer in me can't help it, another Supreme Court case. Prof. Bainbridge criticizes SCOTUS "for failing to lay out standards by which lower courts should address claims brought by the prisoners."
4. You say Activist, I say Terrorist. Michele has the scoop.
5. Blackfive gives Bremer a passing grade.
6. Quiz this... Tallglass ofmilk has a message for the decidedly Undecideds.
7. Wanna relive those teenage days when you snuck into Rated "R" movies? Bill Hobbs has an idea about Fahrenheit 9/11.
8. Some people live to work. But, maybe some people should work to live. Window Manager spells it out.
9. John Hudock points out an article that says South Africa is silent on Zimbabwe's horrors.


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