Monday, June 28, 2004


Millions of Democrats were not allowed to vote in the last election...

1. Larry Eastland reveals how millions of Democratic voters are getting disenfranchised every day. However, Barbara Streisand isn't going to make protest songs and Al Sharpton isn't going to hit the streets with demonstrations. Why, you ask?
Examining these results through a partisan political lens, the Democrats have given the Republicans a decided advantage in electoral politics, one that grows with each election. Moreover, it is an advantage that they can never regain. Even if abortion were declared illegal today, and every single person complied with the decision, the advantage would continue to grow until the 2020 election, and would stay at that level throughout the voting lifetime of most Americans living today.

2. Arnold Ahlert wonders if he could win Grand Prize at the Canne Film Festival. He probably has a better chance of winning a Jesse Ventura look-alike contest.
I'D like to make a documentary entitled "What We're Up Against." I'd include the following:
* Scenes from the destruction of the World Trade Center: jets crashing, people jumping from the upper floors, the towers' collapse, the months-long digging through the rubble — and the excruciating body-identification task faced by the medical examiner's office.
* The "beheading videos" — from reporter Daniel Pearl right through to Korean Kim Sun-il.
* The charred and mutilated bodies of four Halliburton workers hanging from a bridge in Fallujah.

3. Poor Little Rich Boys! The NYTimes knows why Iowa's Governor Tom Vilsack is the best choice to be John Kerry's running mate.
For this reason, Mr. Vilsack says he understands Mr. Kerry, who also came from money but did not have as much as his peers at prep school, and learned about loneliness at a young age particularly well.

4. What's an Iraqi teenager to do without internet porn?
More than 240 places have their own two-letter Internet country codes, from ".ac" for Ascension Island to ".zw" for Zimbabwe. There's even ".ps" for the Palestinian territories. But the domain assigned to Iraq, ".iq," is stuck in a strange bureaucratic limbo - the company that had administered it is under U.S. criminal indictment - and could remain there for months.

5. What are you saying? No one knows what the heck Kerry is talking about. Duh.
"What message? Kerry really hasn't found a compelling message," said independent pollster John Zogby. "Nothing of interest is breaking through on his part. Nuance is not going to win it this year. His base is way out ahead of him, and he is going to have to give his base something."

6. Matt Labash didn't like the war in Iraq but he HATES Fahrenheit 9/11.
It is proof, as if we need more, that Moore doesn't make art, he makes fudge. Since fact-checking his work has become a near full-time cottage industry, it is worth remembering that in his debut film Roger & Me, his indictment of heartless General Motors, he was caught fudging evictions, showing people getting bounced onto the street who'd never been GM workers.

7. He's Baaack! Derek Jeter just turned 30 years old and he's not slowing down.
Jeter is batting .386 in June, with 9 home runs and 16 runs batted in. The Yankees, who were 10-11 when Jeter's average bottomed out, are 17-7 this month.

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