Thursday, June 10, 2004


Republicans should not get too upset at how some liberals are treating Ronald Reagan's legacy

This week, we should just focus on the good words about Ronald Reagan - there'll never be another special week for him, like this one, again

While this week has been a sad one for Ronald Reagan's family and all of his admirers, it has, paradoxically, been a good week for America, too. It has been good because the country has come to remember how one man changed the world and we all have been reminded how lucky we were to have Ronald Reagan as our president for eight years. However, there have been a few Reagan detractors who have tried this week to diminish, minimize and tarnish the man we came to love and admire. While some of it can be chalked up to inopportune political posturing, other Reagan bashers have crossed the bounds of decency and have resorted to disgraceful, spiteful, and hateful rhetoric to speak ill of a dead man before he is even laid to rest. However, those small people have made the point better than anyone how Ronald Reagan was a special kind of person to thrive in this shrill political environment while maintaining his charisma, charm and dignity throughout his life.

Despite the fact that everyone knew for 10 years that Ronald Reagan's health was in decline, and that he led a wonderful and charmed life for 93 years, tens of thousands of people felt it was important to mark the passing of his death by paying their respects to the president, on both American coasts.

Ronald Reagans' life, and presidency, has been recounted, rehashed and warmly remembered on television, radio, newsprint, websites and blogs. Most Americans know that Ronald Reagan is the political giant of a technological age that easily diminishes people into mere mortals.

Many cold and heartless souls, from Christopher Hitchens to Ted Rall, refuse to see or are ashamed of a brand of conservative philosophy, "Reagan optimism." While I have read some of the spewed vitriol directed at Reagan's legacy, I have chose to ignore most of it. Most importantly, I have not let what I did read bother me. In fact, I became more proud of the fact that my political hero was a man who always had a sunny disposition, never played to our worst fears and thought that America's best days were ahead of her.

Many Republicans, conservative pundits and right-leaning bloggers have reacted with well intentioned indignation at what these liberal embracers-of-negativity have had to say. Stephen Greene asked his readers to fisk Harold Meyerson and they did so with fervor. Michele Catalano even said that Ted Rall's blog literally hurts her head. Matthew of Blackfive mentions what a Kucinich supporter thinks of Reagan. Mindles H. Dreck of Asymmetrical Information relates one man's apocalyptic view of Reagan. At least John Cole tries to take a humorous look at what the Leftorium Troika of Kos, Atrios and Kevin Drum (and others) had to say. Steven Taylor gave Ted Rall the attention he looks for. Dave J, Left Coast Conservative, commented on Brokaw's and Rather's belly aching about Reagan coverage.

There are liberals still mad at the fact that Ronald Reagan won 2 landslides and saw his own Vice President elected in a landslide - that's one successful presidency! This week is OUR WEEK to reflect, remember and look back fondly on Ronald Reagan. There will be plenty of time in the upcoming years and decades to vouch for, defend and support his record in history. But, in the meantime, let us enjoy what we had and ignore those who intend to rain on what is for a brief moment again, Morning in America.


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