Monday, June 28, 2004


George W. Bush has transformed the world in just 3 years

When George W. Bush was inaugurated as president he assumed the position at a time when the world was a very dangerous place. However, most of us didn't realize how much trouble we were in. Some of our leaders had shirked their duties during the 1990's and there were terrorists out there plotting to do things we could not even imagine during our darkest thoughts.

By fortunate happenstance, a humble and decent man of faith was our president on 9/11. George Bush was the right man for what became a horrible job and daunting task. The weight of the world became his responsibility. As the vanguard in the War on Terrorism Bush realized that there were evil people trying to destroy what is good in the world. He made it his core mission to save millions of people from the clutches of those who already wiped out thousands of American civilians within a matter of hours.

When George Bush became president, Al Qaeda had already hatched its plot to hijack American jets and crash them into buildings, the Taliban had Afghanistan in its clutches, Saddam Hussein was as bellicose as ever, and hundreds of terrorists like Abu Al-Zarqawi, Osama bin Laden, and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed were free to roam in broad daylight.

Today, the Taliban is gone, Saddam's regime is no more, and these so-called brave terrorists are cowering like cockroaches. Young women in Afghanistan can savor the promise of getting a valuable education, families in Iraq can speak freely, and American families can go to bed at night knowing that there is a president in the White House that is thinking about America first without worrying about the Nattering Nabobs of Negativity and Nuance.

Today is a great day for both Iraqis and Americans. It's another great lesson in the great book of lessons about the United States, a good and decent country that loves its neighbors. America means never turning your back on friends who want freedom.

Thank you, President Bush. Even your fellow Americans feel a bit more free today.

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