Friday, June 25, 2004


George Bush has arrived at Dromoland Castle in Co. Clare ahead of tomorrow's EU-US summit.

He's also due to have talks with the Irish government. Mr Bush accompanied by his wife Laura arrived at Shannon Airport just after 8pm and made the brief journey to Dromoland by motorcade, where he was greeted by the Taoiseach.

The security surrounding this visit is the tightest ever seen in the state with the hotel complex and its surroundings totally sealed off in an operation involving some 6,000 security personnel

Here's a video of the President's interview with RTE's Carole Coleman

Another link to the video

Let me know if these links works. Otherwise, find it here on the RTE website. The Audio and Video links are on the bottom of the page on the RTE website.

Dan Froomkin of Washington Post...Testy, Testy, Testy
"On several occasions during the 15-minute interview, Bush asked RTE correspondent Carole Coleman not to interrupt him.

"When Coleman said most Irish people thought the world was more dangerous today than before the Iraq invasion, Bush disagreed and responded, 'What was it like Sept. 11th, 2001?' "

Here's the video of the interview with Coleman in the Map Room. Irish television viewers saw it prefaced by a report about how much Europe hates Bush, the "Toxic Texan."

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

Coleman: "The world is a more dangerous place today."

Bush: "Why do you say that? . . . "

Coleman: "I think there is a feeling that the world has become a more dangerous place because you have taken the focus off Al Qaeda and diverted into Iraq. Do you not see that the world is a more dangerous place? I saw four of your soldiers lying dead, on the television, the other day. . . . "

Bush: "You know, listen, nobody cares more about the death than I do.

Coleman: "Is there a point at which --

Bush: "Let me finish. Please, please, let me finish, then you can follow up, if you don't mind. Nobody cares more about the deaths than I do. I care about it a lot. But I do believe that the world is a safer place, and becoming a safer place. . . .

"People join terrorist organizations because there's no hope and there's no chance to raise their families in a peaceful world where there is not freedom . . . so the idea is to promote freedom and at the same time protect our security."

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