Thursday, July 15, 2004


Bill Clinton is the best Republican strategist these days

Yahoo! News - Clinton urges Kerry to avoid 'cultural' issues
Bill Clinton has warned Senator John Kerry, the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, to counter Republican efforts to turn this year's election into a debate on gay marriage and other "cultural issues" such as gun control and abortion.

Assuming that Bill Clinton wants John Kerry to win, (doubtful), his comments are quite revealing. Democrats always claim that the majority of Americans are on their side when it comes to gay marriage, gun control and abortion. But, if Clinton doesn't want Republicans to focus on these cultural issues, it shows that the Democrats can't win on these important issues.

Assuming that Bill Clinton wants John Kerry to lose, (highly probable), by warning Kerry to stay away from these issues, Clinton is doing his best to highlight Kerry's weaknesses. Kerry can talk a good game when he talks about being fiscally conservative and tries to calm jittery moderates about his stance on Iraq. But, Clinton KNOWS that Kerry is at his most liberal when it comes to the cultural issues facing America today. By highlighting Kerry's weak points, Clinton is reminding Americans why they might be hesitant to vote for the senator from Massachusetts.

In conclusion, Clinton is giving advice to the Republicans. Clinton's thinly veiled message is to remind Republicans that they can eke out a win on the economy and Iraq, but they can make victory over Kerry a certainty by addressing the cultural issues.


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