Wednesday, July 14, 2004


by Albert Greenland, guest blogger for The Galvin Opinion

Republicans, seeking to amend based on the issue of gay marriage, would only open up a Pandora's Box by giving liberals the fuel to re-amend later - setting a dangerous precedent.

Unsurprisingly, the Senate will not vote on a possible [Ban On] Gay Marriage Amendment to the United States Constitution. Some of you may be surprised to hear that I am relieved by the news. Personally, I think that the Constitution is sacred and should not be capriciously amended based on fleeting "designer issues" and the whims of politicians who want to reap the benefits of such amendments come election. Note, however, that I would support a Constitutional Amendment which would overrule Roe v. Wade and preempt stateside abortion mongers as well by mandating, "The protections of this Constitution and the benefits of United States citizenship inure at conception. No abortions shall be performed in the United States or in its Territories. [Define abortion]."

The problem with amending a document like the Constitution to resolve the debate over minor social issues such as gay marriage is clear. The Constitution is, in my mind at least, second only to the Bible in importance. Where the Constitution is amended frivolously by flippant politicians, and interpreted liberally by activist judges, the Constitution loses its substance, import, and value. Make no bones about it, the Constitution (setting up a tripartite government State-Federal-Judicial) is an impediment to liberals who want to see an all-powerful federal government with satellite federal agencies (i.e., the FDA, FCC, INS, or EPA reminiscent of the Ministry of Cults of the former USSR) that control every aspect of our lives. Liberals want nothing more than to amend the Constitution so it is no different and no less "repealable" than any other statute. Republicans, seeking to amend based on the issue of gay marriage, would only open up a Pandora;s Box by giving liberals the fuel to re-amend later - setting a dangerous precedent.

But Republicans are going about it the wrong way. First they have to use the Democratic tactic of repeating a catchy phrase

Although lawmaking and the courts are core elements of the liberal agenda to unleash power and change society, Republicans must realize that the soul of the liberal agenda is one of language and the use of "spin" (slanted news or repeated phrases) to create a perception. Have you ever wondered how, in just a few decades, homosexuality has morphed from a classified psycho-sexual disorder into the "hey let's get made over by a few queer guys" mentality? I'll tell you what, I am not letting those hip-cats into my clothes-drawer. Brilliant French postmodernist Michel Foucault (tragically died of AIDS in the early 1980's) stated that when the public discourse is flooded with new language, conduct that was once thought to be illegitimate, illicit, or perverted will become mainstreamed and normalized.

When language is repeated oft enough, the meanings and connotations of the words themselves may change (i.e., "queer"). Thus where the word "queer" had a negative connotation, gays proudly marched, "We are here. We are queer. Get used to it!" Concurrently, popular media helped put gays on the maps. Stereotypically gay people started popping up all over the place in the 1990's, and even if they were ridiculed, 'no problem' where the gay lobby was concerned. The original idea was not to make people like or respect gays, but just to get gays "out" there and make them nearly ubiquitous. Now that victory is closer, we are seeing the underbelly of the movement, putting into action a secondary force, more politically correct, meant to stomp out all free-thinking when it comes to homosexual behavior, i.e., if you speak out against them you are a racist, homophobe, or, to quote Bart Simpson, 'a slack-jawed troglodyte.'

Remember the Nirvana lyric, "What else can I say, everyone is gay." As the masses became acclimated to gays because being gay is 'everywhere,' of course homosexual acts (at least in theory) were not queer anymore. Now it takes a "queer eye" to make a "straight guy" effeminate enough to attract women. Even I am a victim of the gay agenda because "guys like me" who speak clearly become associated with homosexuals. I (who put the D-O-G in dog when it comes to dating women) cannot walk the streets of New York City, with a guy friend, without wondering whether some hottie's "gay-dar" has been set off, precluding further maneuvers. When it is time to meet women, I get out there and fly on my own often to crash and burn because hot women don't think it's cool to be a conservative and/or a Republican.

Republicans must study the enemy more instead of falling all over themselves to try to get congressional votes on issues. No one knows or cares which bills are voted on. Yes, of course Republicans must make the whole election a referendum on gay marriage. But they are going about it the wrong way. First they have to use the tactic of repeating a catchy phrase, i.e., "The Democrats fully support gay marriage as part of the gay agenda." Every Republican who gives an interview must restate that spin verbatim. Hundreds of Republicans each day must make special appearances just to offer that statement. That is what the Democrats would do - remember, "Where are the weapons of mass destruction?" and "This is a vast rightwing conspiracy about sex." Trust me, voting on a constitutional amendment to try to trap a Democratic weasel into a position on an issue is of no moment to the average American. What we have to do is to tell them the truth, and tell it to them often. The media spin on the Republican quotes is irrelevant as long as people understand that the Democrats are beholden to the gay lobby.

Finally, unlike the Democrats, we must tell the truth, and that is our hallmark anyway. The truth is that most gays do not care about getting married. Gay marriage is no more than a masked attempt to make straight children consider being gay. You may say, "No way. Who told you that? Was it that fast-talking Republican hip-dog, President Bush's pooch, Barney?" But, I am serious. Gay marriage is the ultimate step towards mainstreaming homosexuality and re-engineering society so that straight kids think it is really cool to be gay and might consciously choose to be gay. Think about it, how can a parent tell his/her child that it is only proper to marry someone of the opposite sex when the child sees gays getting married on television, hears about it at school, and when it is happening all over town? Make no bones about it, "Gay marriage is aimed at convincing kids and the attempt of the gay agenda to take over the hearts and minds in the schools." If the Republicans tell the truth en masse and add that line to the linguistic arsenal, they will coast to victory come election.

Look, I am not a slack-jawed troglodyte. If gays want benefits, I, like many others, have no problem with that. But domestic partner benefits can be offered without marriage. "Marriage" is one of the holiest institutions in our society, and it has a religious/metaphysical component. Gays want to jump on board to normalize their sexual conduct and lifestyles. Where the majority is not in favor, then the few should not be permitted to tyrannize the many.

Here's how your Senators voted, courtesy of Senate.gov

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