Tuesday, July 20, 2004


(Update: Many via e-mail and one of you in the Comments section, below, have asked the same question - "Is this for real?" - and the answer is YES. This is a REAL job posting by the Bill Clinton Foundation in search of an intern.)

Check out this job posting...

Lock up your daughters, Clinton is on the prowl again

Company Description
The mission of the William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation is to strengthen the capacity of people in the United States and the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence.

Job Qualifications
We are looking for interns who are juniors or seniors in college or in graduate school, with an interest in public service: people who are dependable, enthusiastic, versatile, professional, adaptable, bright, have good judgment, and can follow policies and procedures.

Job Description
The Manhattan office staff works at a fast pace to handle a high volume of varied assignments. Internships are available in several main departments. The Chief of Staff intern assists with the Chief of Staff’s fundraising, program development and office management. The Deputy Chief of Staff’s intern assists the Deputy Chief of Staff in managing President Clinton's day-to-day office operation. Correspondence interns must read, summarize, and draft responses to the thousands of letters received by the office each week, as well as for the initiation of correspondence related to the President’s initiatives, activities, and professional and personal relationships. Domestic Policy interns help support domestic initiatives in partnership with private corporations and Harlem non-profits, and will communicate with involved parties, as well as assist with related conference calls, meetings, and events. Foreign Policy interns are charged with extensive research and analysis, the preparation of briefings, and assist as needed with internationally focused initiatives and conferences. Operations interns support the Executive Assistant to President Clinton by helping coordinate the President’s office activities and communications: they also participate in office management and event and meeting planning. Press interns help manage the information supply to the press concerning the President and also to the President—especially when he’s traveling—with news developments and important stories by writers who interest him. Scheduling & Advance interns aid with the logistics and PR aspects of the President’s appearances. Special Projects interns assist Foundation staff with projects like revamping the Foundation’s website, preparing invitations to events, scheduling dignitaries and notables to attend the Foundation’s Brown Bag Lunch series, writing content for the Presidential Library exhibitions, and researching through archives of White House materials.

How to Apply Go to www.clintonpresidentialcenter.com, see FAQ
When to Apply packets due 7/15/04
Contact Julie Becker
Intern Co-Director
55 W. 125th St.
New York, NY 10027
212-348-8882 7832
212-348-9245 FAX

Any takers? He'll probably ask you to stuff documents in your pants and socks, too. Anything for his manufactured legacy, you know.


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