Friday, September 10, 2004


By Albert Greenland, guest blogger for The Galvin Opinion

I predict here, today, that McGreevey will not step down as governor. He may even run again.


Another ignominious feather in the cap of the oft-phlegmatic governor of New Jersey, a man who would crown himself King. Not only is McGreevey the first "gay American," but he may be the first American politician to "un-resign." The September 3rd deadline for a special election has passed and McGreevey not only remains in office; there will be no interim election. I predict here, today, on The Galvin Opinion, that McGreevey will not step down as governor. He may even run again. I hate to prognosticate, but why should he step down? His spin doctors have successfully convinced the public that McGreevey was the would-be victim of extortion. Somehow, federal prosecutors disagreed, finding after investigation that when lawyers sit down to negotiate with one another there is usually no extortion involved.

McGreevey's spin doctors, under cloak of gay, successfully glossed over the fact that the governor crowned his boyfriend, a poet, anti-terrorism czar of New Jersey (eerily reminiscent of the plot of the movie Braveheart). Only a Democrat could survive such a scandal by proclaiming himself a "gay American" as his wife stands next to him cautiously smiling and his elderly parents stand behind him with the pale of death in their eyes. Another fine Democratic production, up there with scenes such as Bill ("I did not have sex with that woman") Clinton and Bob ("The Democrats will shoot me if I don't drop out") Torricelli.

The Republicans once again managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Fellow conservatives, it's not that hard. When a liberal politician openly resigns in front of the national media, conservatives have the moral authority to hold him to his word, and they should. If McGreevey were a Republican, the Democrats would be out en masse. Not only would they force their enemy to step down, but the Dems would try to have him jailed.

Republicans, listen, circle the wagons. All for one and one for all is the motto of the Democrats; moreover, it should be ours.

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