Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Kerry's fumble in Green Bay

"At a campaign event last month, the Democratic presidential nominee called it Lambert Field -- a slip of the tongue carried on television, in papers throughout the state and on ESPN's Web site.

That's akin to calling the Yankees the Yankers or the Chicago Bulls the Bells. This is a place where Packers jackets often outnumber sports coats in church and thousands of fans wear a big chunk of yellow foam cheese atop their head with the pride of a new parent. President Bush's warning to terrorists is apropos to the passions of Packers fans -- you are either with 'em or against 'em.

'I got some advice for him,' Bush told Wisconsinites a few days after the Lambert gaffe. 'If someone offers you a cheesehead, don't say you want some wine, just put it on your head and take a seat at Lambeau Field.' Vice President Cheney made the obligatory pilgrimage to Green Bay last week to pile on. 'I thought after John Kerry's visit here I'd visit Lambert Field,' Cheney told a crowd at a Republican fundraising dinner Thursday night. Then he went in for the kill. 'The next thing is he'll be convinced Vince Lombardi is a foreign leader.' "

Kerry Drops Ball With Packers Fans (washingtonpost.com)

Hat tip to regular reader, Quita, for the article


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