Wednesday, November 10, 2004


By Guest Blogger, S.H.

Whoever thinks we of Red-state, Republican, middle or silent America don't deserve respect.... you are wrong. So many of us in middle (and not-so-public) America have been silent for so long while the Hollywood elite on the coasts still pretend to be, in John Kerry's words, "the heart and soul of America".

If you don't believe my words, look at the evidence against the Left:
- Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 911)
- Every Hollywood movie that denigrated us in some way or form
- MTV's cynical Rock the Vote
- P. Diddy (or whatever his name is right now) and his "Vote or Die" campaign
- Leftist rockers' Concert for Change (Bruce, Jon, REM, etc.)
- Dixie Chicks and their "I'm ashamed the president is from TX" shtick
- Whoopee Goldberg's dirtying Bush's name and doing the same to Cheney
- Bush=Hitler; Bush is a Nazi; Bush is the Antichrist; etc...
- The Left saying that Republicans are fundamentalist nuts, racists, sexists, gun-toters, environment-killers, animal-killers, etc.
- Enviro-terrorists destroying private property like SUV's at car dealerships
- College students being intimidated by the PC police because they are Republicans, conservatives, Christians or Jews
- Soldiers from Iraq and their families harrassed and spat upon
- Al Gore called the conservative bloggers "digital brownshirts"
- Al Gore screamed that the president betrayed his country
- Ted Kennedy accusing us of having re-opened the rape rooms in Iraq
- The real voter intimidation - hired goons attacking and destroying Republican offices around the country
- Campaign workers attacked when a Democrat tried to run down Republican volunteers with his car (Katherine Harris' district)
- A novel and a play about killing President Bush
- The Guardian attempting to influence the Ohio vote (which backfired!)
- CBS using falsified TANG documents against the president
- Whining about no WMDs when every Democrat, UN official, and concerned world citizen under the sun argued before the war in Iraq that there were
- Calling Mel Gibson every vile name under the sun for making a film about his Christian beliefs
- Insulting believing Christians for flocking to theaters to see Mel Gibson's film
- Daddy Soros-bucks made "deposing the president" the central goal of his life, as if the president were a Soviet leader
- The Nobel Committee attempting to influence our opinions by awarding its Peace Prize to Jimmy Carter, a man who did absolutely nothing to keep us safe, and who makes nice with every dictator to this day
- The Democrats acceptance of a "war hero" who later denigrated our soldiers in Vietnam and met with the enemy in Paris
- The threats agains the Swift Boat Vets because they came forward and spoke against a man who had used his four months in Vietnam as the qualifier for the presidency
- The choice of a consummate ambulance-chaser as veep candidate (whom the people of his own home state had come to love to hate)
- The use of Christopher Reeve's death as an opportunity to shame Christians and pro-life people
- Giving voice to conspiracy theories against Jews or even the U.S. government as to what or who caused 9/11
- Calling us racists and xenophobes because we believe that there's something better than what the Islamo-fascists are offering to people over the world (convert or be beheaded)
- Wishing out loud that the president was never born or even conceived (March for Women's Convenience, the protests against the RNC in NY, etc. - if Leftists had a time machine...)

And I can go on....

As Billy Joel sang in one of his songs, "We didn't start the fire."

For so long, we let the Left have at it. And you all took the freedom to hurt us in any way possibe. You all pounded us over, and over, and over, until we bled...

Yet, we had to take a stand with the only weapon at our disposal. And on November 2, we did.

We shouted out wide and clear that although we don't insult our neighbors like the way you do, that we are Americans just like you, and that we are worthy of respect. Since neither the Democrats nor the rest of the left gave us any respect for the last 4 years, we had to make you listen to us, whether you like it or not. And we now keep our heads high, and our flag waving for all to see that "our flag is still there."

So, get with the program, or we will continue voting you all out of office for as long as we can.

Have a nice day!


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