Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Hillary's plan is falling into place... So is ours

Why is this Democrat smiling?

Hillary Clinton was the happiest Democrat on election night, last week. She has spent the past week basking in the warm glow of speculation that she'll be coronated as the Democrats' nominee in 2008.

Keep dreaming, Hillary. You are a worthy opponent. You are definitely one nasty campaigner - how could anyone forget when you accused George "41" Bush during the 1992 campaign of having an extra-marital affair? To this day you are the only presidential candidate/spouse to make such an accusation.

In the past you have denigrated housewives while embracing anti-American Hollywood celebrities. You used to mock Republicans for talking about "family values" before adopting the term as your pet project. You are emblematic of why Americans turned out in droves to vote for George W. Bush.

John Kerry was not the choice of liberals to be president, they just wanted Bush out of office. President Bush will not be on the 2008 ticket and liberals will certainly feel an affinity towards Hillary and will enthusiastically support her. Even though Bush won't be on the ticket, Hillary will act like she's running against him. She will have to satisfy her liberal base who will be hungry for victory and expecting red-meat on the campaign trail.

Hillary desperately wants to tack towards the center and make America think that she's a centrist. She is an avowed, believing liberal (unlike her chameleon husband). An effective Republican campaign will make sure that Hillary will have a tough time hewing to both the liberal and moderate views of what America should be.

Good luck, Hillary. I look forward to congratulating you when you get the Democratic nomination. Too bad for you that there are 31 Red States (and some apprehensive, teetering Blue States) ready to block you from entering the White House.


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