Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Krist Novoselic is not going to follow in Arnold's footsteps

The paragon of political reporting, the E! Channel, said that Novoselic toyed with running against a Democratic incumbent but decided against it.

His career in elective office ended before it began. Say it ain't so, Krist.



Special election for heavily Democrat district

WKYT-TV has called the special election in Kentucky that drew relatively strong national interest from both national parties. The Democrats will try to make hay of this as a referendum on Bush.

Chandler had a lot more name recognition than his opponent, Alice Forgy-Kerr. He lost last year's governor's race to the previous occupier of this House seat (hence, the special election), he is a former state attorney general and his grandfather was governor of Kentucky. President Bush never even campaigned during this race. It's amazing that Chandler had to battle in a tight election, at all. The Dems might be jumping up and down but Bush won't be losing an seat over this race.



Red Sox management tried in vain to stop A-Rod from going to the Yankees

Sensing a public relations disaster with their fans, Red Sox President Larry Lucchino tried to get Commissioner Bud Selig to cancel the trade for Alex Rodriguez struck by the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers, according to the New York Post's Joel Sherman.

It was Lucchino who issued a combative press release after the Red Sox comically and miserably failed to get the sport's best player on their team. He is a big reason (not the only reason) why the Red Sox weren't able to get the slugger. The Sox brass are beside themselves that they lost another p.r. battle to the Yankees.

Lucchino hates to lose to what he calls the Evil Empire. Larry, the Empire struck back.

AFP/ Tom Clary



Look Who's Attacking Now

As Kerry picked up the endorsement of a union, Alliance for Economic Justice, he accused President Bush of forgetting about the needs and concerns of police officers and firefighters.

In a low blow, Kerry accused the President of using emergency workers as props and photo-ops saying, "I'm tired of these politicians who show up when the bagpipes are waving and the flags are at half-staff and they talk about heroes in America, and then they go back to Washington, and when the flags are at full staff again and the bagpipes have stopped playing, they forget."

Kerry continued his attacks on President Bush by saying, "This is not a conservative Republican administration, this is an extreme radical administration. And we need to replace them with common sense and with fundamental American values." These comments were posted at 12:33 EST by Mike Glover, AP writer, in the SF Gate.

John Kerry is trying to instigate a nasty campaign against the Bush/Cheney ticket. He's the one who encouraged the reckless National Guard issue, and he is trying to play Mr. Innocence by warning the media that the Bush campaign is going to start the nastiness, when that is all John Kerry has been doing since he started running. This man knows nothing but how to fight dirty (ask William Weld). Expect nothing less than disgusting remarks that John Kerry made today.



Indiana Legislature is poised to pass a major gun immunity law

According to the Indianapolis Star, Indiana legislature is about to pass a law in which gun owners will not be able to be sued for deaths and injuries caused by stolen weapons.

Intense lobbying came from gun control groups including the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence in order to stop the bill.

The new law will not affect criminal prosecutions but will serve to eliminate lawsuits involving guns.

Kevin Corcoran of the Indianpolis Star wrote this article.



New York Times discovers even more Bush donors

Leslie Wayne of the New York Times can't decide whether or nor Arab Americans like President Bush. (According to the Times, you have to love or hate him, right?) The article discusses some Arab American fears of being singled out as Muslims while other Arabs are so happy and proud that President Bush got rid of Saddam that they are donating huge sums of money to his campaign.

The Times believes that Groupthink pervades all ethnic and minority communities. Stories such as these Arabs who happen to be Republican and support Bush confuses reporters like Wayne. At one point Wayne wrote that an Arab family is still supporting Bush despite the fact that their son "was recently surrounded by the police and detained at an airport for no apparent reason other than his ethnic background." It never occurred to Wayne that this Arab family might understand the new level of heightened security is part of the war on terror to make all of us Americans safer. They are Americans too.


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