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Edwards and Kerry accuse Bush of exploiting New York City and 9/11

John Edwards came to New York to campaign for the state's primary and immediately launched into a blistering attack accusing President Bush and the Republicans of exploiting New York City's tragic role in the events of 9/11.

According to the New York Daily News, this is what Edwards said in a speech at Columbia University,

"'George Bush and his team, they think they're gonna be able to exploit this tragedy right here at this convention for a few days,' the Democrat told an Ivy League audience in a morning speech at Columbia University.

Talking about the Republicans' choice of New York for their convention, Edwards said: 'They come back when it's convenient.' He accused Washington of short-shrifting rebuilding efforts here, adding: 'We're with you every day, fighting with you every day.'

Hank Sheinkopf, a Democratic consultant, called Edwards' 9/11 reference a misfire. The tragedy 'is too blistering a memory, and it appears to be almost unpatriotic,' he said.

Kevin Madden, spokesman for the Bush-Cheney reelection team, ripped Edwards for 'playing politics with a great national tragedy.'

But the Kerry camp mostly agreed with Edwards: 'George Bush and (political adviser) Karl Rove have made no secret of the fact that they intend to use the tragedy of 9/11 to make national security the centerpiece issue of the election,' a spokesman said."

New York City's mayor Bloomberg admirably defended the President and sharply criticized the remarks from Senator Edwards. As liberal a Republican that he is, Bloomberg has been a staunch defender of the President every chance he gets, despite the strong media bias and Democratic presence in the City.

This link is from the Kansas City Star



Unions flagging influence still made out to be a big deal by the media

If unions are so crucial, what happened to Gephardt's vaunted campaign in Iowa? Gephardt has been espousing the union talking points for many years. Kerry voted for NAFTA, not much of a good harbinger for unions to influence the general election. Of course, AFL-CIO's Hoffa said that Kerry's stance on union issues, in light of NAFTA, have "evolved." Evolving is the favorite word of liberals to justify flip flops. Just ask many former pro-life Democrat politicians like Al Gore and Gephardt who "evolved."

Yahoo! News - Organized Labor Backs Democratic Kerry



5 trailers, the score and Mel Gibson interview with Diane Sawyer

QUICKTIME 6.5 (FREE) required for trailers 1, 2, 4, 5, & the music
Windows Media Player (FREE) required for trailer 3.

I saw Trailer #3 and found it riveting and poowerful, it ran about 4:32.

Check them out, here



Barbara Boxer and others come out against gay marriage in election year

Democrats back-peddling goes to show that their liberal pandering only takes them so far when they are desperate to win at all costs. (See Barney Frank's opposition to timing of gay marriages in San Francisco, below)

From the San Jose Mercury News,
"Boxer found herself in the middle of the barrage. Responding to calls by GOP contenders Bill Jones and Rosario Marin to take a stance, her spokesman David Sandretti read a statement from Boxer: ``The mayor has decided to test state law. My opinion is that state law is fair and appropriate because it gives equal rights to all citizens.''

Sandretti added that the senator believes that the state's domestic-partnership law provides gay couples with ``full rights and responsibilities of marriage'' and that marriage as defined by state law should remain between a man and a woman.

Kate Kendell, whose National Lesbian Rights Group is representing Martin and Lyon in support of the city, called Boxer's words disappointing."

Here is the whole article



42 count indictment

Critics try to pin this on Bush but let's not forget that these illegal activities occurred during the freewheeling/anything goes/ Clinton era in the 90s. We never see anyone criticizing the Moral Relativist in Chief, Bill Clinton, for corporate crimes that happened under his watch.




American Highway Users Alliance releases list of worst bottlenecks

(Washington-AP) Feb. 19, 2004 - The number of major traffic bottlenecks is going up. A study by the American Highway Users Alliance finds there are now at least 233 places in the US defined as major bottlenecks, locations where roads simply can't handle the load.

The alliance says there was a 40 percent increase in such spots over the five-year period ending in 2002.

A major bottleneck is defined as a location that caused drivers at least 700,000 hours of delay every year.

The worst headaches are in Los Angeles, which has four of the ten most congested interchanges in the nation. The Mount Doom of traffic is where the Ventura Freeway meets Interstate 405. That's just a few miles from the number-five bottleneck, the I-10-San Diego Freeway interchange.

Numbers two through four are in Houston, Chicago and Phoenix. The highway group says projects like Boston's Big Dig and Albuquerque's Big I are worth the cost, slashing hours of delay by up to 95 percent.

Here is a list of the 24 worst highway bottlenecks, followed by the number of vehicles handled daily and annual hours of delay, according to a study by American Highway Users Alliance.

1 Los Angeles - Ventura Freeway US-101 at I-405 interchange; 318,000 cars; 27,144,000 hours
2 Houston - I-610 at I-10 interchange; 295,000 cars; 25,181,000 hours
3 Chicago - I-90/94 at I-290 "Circle Interchange;" 293,671 cars; 25,068,000 hours
4 Phoenix - I-10 at SR-51/202 "Mini-Stack" interchange; 280,800 cars; 22,805,000 hours
5 Los Angeles - I-405 at I-10 interchange; 296,000 cars; 22,792,000 hours
6 Atlanta - I-75 at I-85 interchange; 259,128 cars; 21,045,000 hours
7 Washington, D.C. - I-495 at I-270 interchange; 243,425 cars; 19,429,000 hours
8 Los Angeles - I-10 at I-5 interchange; 318,500 cars; 18,606,000 hours
9 Los Angeles - I-405 at I-605 interchange; 318,000 cars; 18,606,000 hours
10 Atlanta - I-285 at I-85 "Spaghetti Junction" interchange; 266,000 cars; 17,072,000 hours
11 Chicago - I-94 at I-90 interchange; 260,403 cars; 16,713,000 hours
12 Phoenix - I-17 at I-10 "the Stack" interchange to Cactus Road; 208,000 cars; 16,310,000 hours
13 Los Angeles - I-5 at SR-22/57 "Orange Crush" interchange; 308,000 cars; 16,304,000 hours
14 Providence, RI - I-95 at I-195 interchange; 256,000 cars; 15,340,000 hours
15 Washington, DC - I-495 at I-95 interchange; 185,125 cars; 15,035,000 hours
16 Tampa, FL - I-275 at I-4 "Malfunction Junction" interchange; 201,500 cars; 14,371,000 hours
17 Atlanta - I-285 and I-75 interchange; 239,193 cars; 14,333,000 hours
18 Seattle - I-5 and I-90 interchange; 301,112 cars; 14,306,000 hours
19 Chicago - I-290 Eisenhower Expressway between exits 17b and 23a; 200,441 cars; 14,009,000 hours
20 Houston - I-45 Gulf Freeway at US-59 interchange; 250,299 cars; 13,944,000 hours
21 San Jose, CA - US-101 at I-880 interchange; 244,000 cars; 12,249,000 hours
22 Las Vegas - US-95 at I-15 "Spaghetti Bowl" interchange; 190,600 cars; 11,152,000 hours
23 San Diego - I-805 at I-15 interchange; 238,000 cars; 10,992,000 hours
24 Cincinnati - I-75 from Ohio River Bridge to I-71 interchange; 136,013 cars; 10,088,000 hours

Link to whole story from WIS-TV


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