Monday, February 23, 2004


More than half of respondents in on-line poll said they would take steroids to boost a baseball career.

I know that on-line polls are not a pure scientific sample but ESPN.com gets such large numbers on its poll results that I deem it to be a pretty good measuring stick of what the American sports fan is like. Of course, it tends to be predominately young and male but Americans of all stripes are sports fans nowadays so it's safe to assume that many women and older people log on the ESPN site, as well.

Tonight's poll question asked,
"If you were a career minor-league baseball player, would you take steroids if it was the only way to get to the majors?"

My personal answer was an immediate and resounding, "NO." When I clicked my choice, I braced myself for the percentage that voted "YES" pessimistic that it would be higher than an acceptable number. However, I was dumbfounded when the tally scrolled across my screen.

YES 56.4%
NO 43.5%

Total Votes: 107,011

I am a big sports fan and I too had aspirations, while growing up, of one day being a professional athlete. However, I soon realized that I didn't have the ability and the talent and accepted my mortal status as a lowly gym rat. But, as I grew older I wasn't too impressed with what it took to be a professional athlete. Athletes can play with a ball and that's it. Life offers so many more exciting, thrilling and fulfilling opportunites than the drudgery of playing the same game over and over. I love sports, of course, but to me it's not the ultimate lifestlye that the meida loves making it out to be.

There is no reason to sacrifice your health, dignity and self-respect by cheating in order to play professional sports. Where is the introspection with these fans and the athletes who actually use steroids? A man should say to himself, "I gave it my best but there are others better than me and I wouldn't be able to look myself in the mirror if I had to cheat to make my way onto the team." And the player who is very good doesn't need steroids to be great. You are considered a great baseball player if you 39 or 73 home runs.

The poll results were pathetic and embarrassing.



Chris Matthews, host of "Hardball" on MSNBC, told Ralph Nader that he voted for George Bush in the 2000 election.

Despite working for Democrat stalwarts like Jimmy Carter and Tip O'Neill, Matthews never hid his disdain for the sleaze of the Bill-Hillary-Gore administration. But, it was a pleasant surprise to hear that he voted for the President 4 years ago.



Aljazeera.Net - Israelis better at manipulating media
Al Jazeera runs a "guest" opinion piece by a Dutch "scholar" who affixes stereotypes to Jews.
A special report on Al Jazeera's English website accuses Jews of being "clever" and "sophisticated" liars. Dutch sympathizer of terrorists even writes for something called the "Electronic Intifada"


Business 2.0 - Magazine Article- Why Blogs Mean Business 



NYTIMES: To Greet G.O.P., Protests of Varying Volume

Drudge has highlighted a New York Times article that says 500,000 - 1,000,000 million protestors plan to disrupt or even shut down the Republican convention in New York City.

I'm taking this one step further. It's time that the powerful community of bloggers who support our President, admire our troops and love our country do something about this. It's time that we shine the SPOTLIGHT ON THE COCKROACHES in our midst.

Check out the disturbing websites, below. Inform our readers and friends about what they are up to. We can do something by exposing them for who they are - terrorists! SIGN UP FOR THEIR EMAIL LISTS, anything we can do to expose their extremist agenda. We have the power and the responsibility to spread the word on how these militant groups are trying to destroy our country! They say so themselves including,

"sabotage the state" "uprising" "how to fight the man (and get away safely)" "the art of Pieing: Choose a worthy target. Any pompous evil-doer will do for a glouping" "how to rip a corporation apart piece by piece"

and there's more. . .

"Save The Date! August 29, 2004, The World Says No to the Bush Agenda" "On March 20, hundreds of thousands of people around the world will take to the streets to demand an end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq and to the entire Bush empire-building agenda."

Frankly, I'm sick and tired of these violent agitators trying to hijack high-profile events for their own extreme devices. We must stop these forces before they have a chance to make their moves. Their principle strategy is to act in a cowardly way by sneaking around, surprising authority and normal citizens with their shocking tactics. By exposing them for who they are we can take away their biggest weapon - TERROR.

Here are the websites affiliated with the anarchists, troublemakers and those who harbor feelings of intending to embarrass or do worse things to President Bush. They are a violent crowd who love to incite chaos, terrorize peace-loving civilians and bait hardworking police officers into cries of brutality.

PLEASE pass this information along to anyone you feel can help stop the small but vocal minority of people who are hell bent on destroying our President and our country!!

UPJ (I'm not going to dignify the hypocrisy of their full name)
Not in Our Name
Radical Teachers
Pro Liberty (another laughable name)
Demilitarize the Police

We vastly outnumber them. Let's do what we can to blunt their attempts to sabotage the Republican convention in New York City this summer. Please post your comments and suggestions on how we can harness our blogs, voices and ideas to make sure that the convention is a success and not co-opted by media publicity for these militant and extremist groups.



Judging by these quotes, Democrats are running scared!!



This Vietnam veteran from Michigan does not see a reason to vote for John Kerry


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