Wednesday, March 03, 2004



Volunteer and/or donate to the Bush/Cheney 2004 campaign 


As Polipundit said,
"If you have any doubt that the lying liberal media will do everything they can to defeat President Bush, you only have to look at their handling of the Democrats' vicious AWOL slander against the president. The lying liberal media dragged the story out for days and, even now, refuses to believe the president. That's just a preview of what will be the nastiest presidential campaign ever. And the elites will all be arrayed against the forces of conservatism.

But that doesn't mean we're going to lose. You have the power to affect how people vote. Every small contribution of time or money that you make can swing a few votes. Together, we can make the difference in states like Florida.

Today is Wictory Wednesday. Every Wednesday, dozens of bloggers ask their readers to volunteer and/or donate to the Bush 2004 campaign."

Volunteer for President Bush's campaign

Donate to President Bush's campaign


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