Saturday, March 13, 2004

Spanish Minister Angel Acebes said authorities could not yet confirm if video is genuine


Report says 5 arrests have been in connection to Madrid attacks

The link above is the English translation of the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo.

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If Al-Qaeda is implicated in Madrid tragedy it will cause further anti-Bush fervor in Europe

I discussed the Madrid train bombings with a good friend of mine on Thursday night. We discussed the possibilities of either ETA or Al-Qaeda being involved in the attacks. My friend felt that if it were discovered that Al-Qaeda was responsible for the terrorists attacks that Spaniards and Europeans would understand the anti-terror policies of the Bush administration over the last 30 months. He felt that Europe would rise up and pledge to take a strong stance in the War on Terror. I disagreed with my friend. I told him that in fact, many Spaniards and Europeans would feel that muslim extremist terrorism of a grand scale had reached the shores of Spain directly because of Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's support of President Bush in the Iraq war. Consequently, the likes of Bush, Aznar and Tony Blair would be blamed for this latest round of terrorism because of their attempts to eradicate terrorism in the first place.

It has been said that 90% of Spanish voters were against going to war with Iraq, last year. Despite the unpopularity of the war, Aznar's Popular Party was leading in the polls heading into Sunday's election. His hand-picked successor, Mariano Rajoy, was expected to become the next prime minister. However, if it turns out that muslim terrorists acted as a way of sending a message about Iraq, the war will cause the few pro-Bush European politicians to rethink their support and embolden those who have been against the war from the start.

If it turns out that Al-Qaeda masterminded the Madrid attacks, many politicians (and citizens as well) in France and Germany will be quietly sighing relief that their country was spared due to their anti-war stance. Many people in Spain will lament the fact their country got involved with invading Iraq in the first place. The well-placed intentions of not wanting their country to become victims to attack will make many Europeans believe that it is a smart policy to let America fight terror on its own.

However, if Al-Qaeda was behind the attacks it will actually show why it was important to oust a leader like Saddam Hussein. The attacks would show that there is a reason to eradicate these terrorists. The Madrid bombings serve as a perfect example why men like George Bush, Tony Blair and Jose Maria Aznar have staked their political careers on dealing with the issue of terrorism head-on. Terrorists are hell-bent on destroying our lives and lifestyle. They know that they are in trouble if the whole world condemns them and rises to defeat them. Shrinking from responsibility in the face of tragedy and continuing appeasement in face of terror from thugs and fanatics will only serve to help the terrorists and convince them that their maniacal beliefs are correct.

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Saturday coverage on the Madrid terrorist attacks by Spain's leading newspaper

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