Monday, March 15, 2004


Kerry voted against $87 billion aid bill to help troops in Iraq

It's pretty ridiculous that Kerry is complaining firefighters not having enough radios when he voted against providing aid for troops in the $87 billion bill before Congress. What a hypocrite.

This pathetic ploy for votes is lost on The Talent Show


David Frum: A Win for Terror 

Hat tip goes to Confessions of a Political Junkie for pointing it out.

Friends, there are many others who made good points about the the Spain debacle: A good and wry Kerry-Zapatero connection is made by Everything I Know is Wrong, and Little Tiny Lies makes an interesting aside how a European affinity for the welfare state led the Spaniards to believe they were better off by checking out of the War on Terror. Al Qaeda's investment in Iraq is pointed out by Slings and Arrows in a succinct manner.



The Socialists comeback victory shows that crime does pay for terrorists

Liberals are up in arms at how the world perceives the results of the elections in Spain. They are indignant at the widely-held perception that Spanish voters were motivated by fear of more terrorism and voted for the Socialists in hopes that appeasement will prevent further attacks on their homeland. Obviously, liberals do not want to let it be known that their policies and beliefs have walked straight into a terrorist trap. The few angry and profanity laced comments on my own site indicate the frustration of liberals trying to spin the manner in which terrorism is helping them win elections. After all, if it were not for the terrorist attacks in Madrid, the socialists would have gone down to defeat. But, liberals are pointing to issues involving ETA, Al-Qaeda and even President Bush (of course) in their own confused way to try to explain away their misguided and counter productive policies.

The big liberal spin tactic is to say that Aznar’s Popular Party lost the election because they “lied” about blaming ETA for the attacks on March 11. However, that is not what happened. The government did not pin definitive blame on ETA but rather said that this looked like an ETA attack and they suspected ETA. There were no official pronouncements, final determinations or findings of fact that ETA was in fact, the culprit. The government may have made a mistake in not mentioning Al-Qaeda but their immediate suspicion of ETA makes sense. After all, liberals themselves are saying that Spanish voters could not have voted based on terrorism because they are used to ETA terrorism. However, PRECISELY because Spain, and this ruling government party, have dealt on many occasions before with ETA, it is understandable why they would think ETA had committed the horrible acts. Al-Qaeda has never attacked on Spanish soil before. Therefore, immediately blaming Al-Qaeda would have been a harder assumption to make.

Liberals blame Aznar’s government for trying to cover up Al-Qaeda’s involvement. It’s a curious argument to make. Liberals are angry because they claim the government immediately blamed ETA, but that means liberals are immediately blaming Al-Qaeda. So far, only the liberals have definitely determined who is responsible for the attacks. The government has not made any official pronouncement of guilt, but the liberals would have you believe that is Al-Qaeda’s fault. In addition, the government did present the accumulated evidence of muslim terrorist involvement before the election. The allegation of “hiding the truth” does not hold water.

The interesting point is that millions of people around the world warned the United States about blaming Al-Qaeda too soon after 9/11. There were many cries for the United States to provide proof, proof and more proof. In fact, the United States did not officially blame anyone in the attacks until they had built strong evidence of Al-Qaeda complicity. Despite months of detailing proof of Al-Qaeda’s responsibility for 9/11, millions of people scoffed at the United States. It was not until Osama bin Laden took responsibility for the horror of 9/11 did the cries for proof subside. Apparently, bin Laden’s word has more weight than that of the United States when it comes to liberals and certain segments of the world population. Therefore, liberals were upset when the United States “jumped to conclusions” for pinning blame of 9/11 on Al-Qaeda but the Spanish government did not act soon enough to blame Al-Qaeda for the Madrid attacks on 3/11.

President Bush
In the immediate aftermath of March 11, protestors in Spain carried signs that said, “The bombs from Iraq fell on Madrid.” It became quite clear that as Spanish liberals immediately thought that Al-Qaeda was involved, they were blaming George Bush for the disaster. George Bush has become a caricature, cartoonish figure in the eyes of many European liberals. In their eyes, Bush can do nothing right, not even in the face of evil. Therefore, liberals put two-and-two together. If Al-Qaeda bombed Spain because of Iraqi involvement then it’s George Bush’s fault. It did not occur to the angry protestors that the attacks prove the point that George Bush has been trying to make. President Bush believes that these terrorists hate and despise the way we live and would do anything they could to disrupt our lifestyle. The fact that terrorists are in Iraq and are bombing us in New York, Washington and Madrid show they have something to fear. The only way that terrorists can survive is if they use the only tactic they know, violence, to make sure that governments are elected that can let them be. The terrorists got their wish today when the new Spanish socialist leader, Zapatero said that he would withdraw troops from Iraq.

After all, Zapatero said he feels that Iraq is a “disaster” right now. There is nothing disastrous about freeing 20 million people from a horrible dictator, building new schools, improving roads, giving women a greater voice in society and creating a new constitution that celebrates basic God-given freedoms. The only disaster is how Zapatero wishes that Saddam Hussein were still in power. Today, liberals know this and are wondering where they go from here. It is sad that 200 people died in vain last week when voters had an opportunity to say they would not succumb to the wishes of terrorists. But, it’s not too late for liberals to join the rest of us who wish to eradicate evil from the world.

It’s just too bad we have pessimists out there like Eschaton (Atrios), cynical posts from Matthew Yglesias, and someone who misunderstands this bad precedent like, Dean’s World.

There are other sites chock full of interesting analysis and information including, Winds of Change, Samizdata, Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, and A Small Victory.

And others sharing insightful commentary and wisdom, Blogs for Bush, Captain's Quarters, Pink Flamingo, and Broken Masterpieces.

UPDATE: Calpundit says not to read too much into what he said about Spain. Huh? Then why write something about it at all? You can take whatever you want out of what I wrote about Spain, whether you like it, hate it, disagree or agree with me. I'm not about to put up invisible posts. At least he says that many people associate support for the Iraq war with strong support for the overall war on terror. Guess what, so does Al-Qaeda. I guess the Spanish voters agreed with Al-Qaeda that it's okay for terrorists but not freedom-loving nations to have a presence in Iraq. And Talk Left seems to ignore or does not know that Aznar's Partido Popular was leading in the polls up until the Madrid attacks. Once again, another liberal is blaming Bush for the horror in Madrid instead of the real perpetrators, the terrorists.


YOU DON'T SAY: Hollywood Rethinking Films of Faith After Passion 

Hollywood discovers that there is an audience for positive, uplifting messages

Imagine that!!


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