Monday, April 05, 2004


The Galvin Opinion Major League Baseball Predictions for 2004
New York Yankees.....103 - 59 Yanks, running away
Boston Red Sox..........93 - 69 Pedro can beat up old men but can he still pitch?
Toronto Blue Jays.......84 - 78 New logo, new guys, need old Halladay
Baltimore Orioles........82 - 80 Watch out for their revamped, potent lineup
Tampa Bay Devil Rays.. 67 - 95 Piniella can only do so much with young team

Kansas City Royals...85 - 77 Gonzo helps offense, farther fences help pitching
Minnesota Twins.....85 - 77 One game playoff to decides who faces Yankees
Cleveland Indians.....80 - 82 Newcomers like Victor Martinez, Cliff Lee revive the Jake
Chicago White Sox...74 - 88 Can Loaiza have another great season? Doubtful
Detroit Tigers.........54 -108 Tigers paid way too much to nab Pudge

Oakland Athletics.....92 - 70 The awesome pitching staff will keep rolling.
Anaheim Angels.......90 - 72 Guerrero and Colon make for exciting division race
Seattle Mariners.......84 - 78 Raul Ibanez will be a bright light in tough season
Texas Rangers.........63 - 99 This team will be MIA by May

Philadelphia Phillies...94 - 68 If this team isn't leading in July, Larry Bowa is toast
Atlanta Braves........91 - 71 Braves are in Wild Card hunt if J.D. Drew is healthy
Florida Marlins........79 - 83 Marlins will be in the 2009 World Series
Montreal Expos........78 - 84 Watch the home runs fly in Puerto Rico
New York Mets........73 - 89 Could have had A-Rod AND Guerrero! Ugh

Chicago Cubs.........95 - 67 Will Steve Bartman go to a game this year? I hope so
Houston Astros.......89 - 73 Aging hitters might be liability
St. Louis Cardinals....86 - 76 Pujols will win the Triple Crown
Milwaukee Brewers....71 - 91 Best of the rest: Prospects and D'Backs trade will help
Pittsburgh Pirates.....68 - 94 Watch out for Tike Redman
Cincinnati Reds........64 - 98 Awful team in ballpark that got awful reviews

San Diego Padres...92 - 70 Can't wait to head out west and check out Petco Park!
Arizona D'Backs.....88 - 74 Team's okay if Webb and Big Unit are awesome
S.F. Giants..........84 - 78 BALCO. No pitching. And, BALCO
L.A. Dodgers.......73 - 89 Angels are going to surpass Dodgers in attendance
Colorado Rockies...69 - 93 Into thin air

Yankees over Royals
A's over Red Sox
Yankees over A's

Cubs over Braves
Phillies over Padres
Cubs over Phillies

Yankees over Cubs
Have fun with the following. . .
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    Prominent liberal bloggers would rather not discuss Kos's accountability

    IT'S been duly noted that Kevin Drum finally found a way to have his cake and eat it too regarding the Kos fiasco. However, Drum concluded that the most unfortunate thing about this controversy was the "bottom line," money. Drum never mentioned how the despicable words might have affected the loved ones of the men who died in Fallujah. Instead, he was more concerned that this "will probably be a million bucks worth of fund raising for conservative causes."

    It's really sad when one of the left's most important bloggers trashes the memory of the these men while his compatriot frets about the political implications and the "bottom line" instead of focusing on the human cost and how all of us Americans are hurting over this tragedy.

    Meanwhile, Atrios waited until Sunday afternoon to add his thoughts on the Kos matter. But, Atrios did not even condemn or take issue with what Kos had to say. Instead, Atrios made this into an issue about himself and those who were shocked by the incendiary comments. After some self-absorbed musings about his Democratic fund raising activity, Atrios said that this whole issue is a conservative conspiracy, "the Right's fake outrage-of-the-week."

    Update: One of the best sites out there, Daily News Brief has a smart take on what's going on. I may disagree with the thrust of the arguments by Beautiful Horizons but at least he took Kos to task and makes a serious effort to debate the facts. I appreciate his well thought out Opinion, we must listen to both sides. Mudville Gazette relates how a Democratic congressional candidate withrew advertising from the Kos site. A Collection of Thoughts has been diligently following the Fallujah story. Others weighing in include, Left Coast Conservative, Baseball Crank, Patriots for Bush, Kalblog on Kos and fundraising, and Right Wingin' It.

    Update 2: I took a walk on the other side of the tracks and saw some more interesting Opinions about what the Leftorium thought of Kos saying "screw them" concerning the men in Fallujah. For instance, Mark Kleiman showed off some moral relevancy by saying "If I were a campaign manager, I wouldn't advertise on his site today, but I might two months from now. (I'd be more willing to do so if Kos clarified his attitude, toward those four dead men and toward those who killed them, but two months from now that mostly won't matter.)" And Matthew Yglesias turned it into some sort of morality tale involving the Kerry campaign. If anyone was able to understand his complicated pretzel, please let me know!!



    The following are sites that I have added to my blogroll. Friends, make sure you check them out, they are quite good, informative and entertaining. I apologize for taking this long to publicize my additions and to any I may have left out. You will be duly noted, soon.

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