Tuesday, May 18, 2004


11 veterans protested Kerry using this picture; two are deceased and four do not wish to be involved in any manner; only two are believed to support Kerry

According to Newsmax.com, many veterans who served on swift boats with John Kerry said in a press release that they don't want him publishing their photos.

"Many of us don't want to be included in that picture because we have a rather unsavory feeling about this fellow," Kerry boatmate Bob Elder told nationally syndicated radio host Linda Chavez.

The Swiftboat Veterans for Truth called on Kerry, in a press release, to stop use of the photo.

(May 17-Alexandria, VA) Today, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group of more than 220 Swift Boat veterans from the unit in which John Kerry served, call on Kerry to stop the unauthorized use of their images in national campaign advertising.

For example, the photo in Kerry’s national campaign ads contains 20 officers, including Kerry, 11 of whom signed a letter condemning Kerry yet their image is being widely used in his own campaign. It was taken on the island of An Thoi on January 22, 1969. These officers together with Swift Boat Veterans for Truth call upon him to cease the unauthorized use of their photo by his campaign. They are jointly submitting the attached letter to John Kerry. (Photo, letter to Kerry, link to authorized use of the photo and earlier letter to Kerry below.)

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth’s sole purpose is to bring the truth about John Kerry’s service to the American public and is not affiliated with any political organization. It includes more than 220 Swift vets, virtually the entire chain of command Kerry reported to and a large majority of peers who served with him during his short and controversial stay in Vietnam. The group’s purpose has struck a cord with the American public with more than two million hits on its website Swiftvets.com

You can read the entire press release at www.swiftvets.com

Update: Others discussing this story, Say Anything, and A View from the Right. . The always resourceful Joe Shockley, at Daily News Brief, is on this story.


DAILY 7: Pope birthday, Zarqawi's Nick Berg Video, Bush's approval, Thomas Sowell, India election, Joanne Lees & Peter Falconio, Derek Jeter  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Pope Marks Birthday With Launch of Book

WHO IS ABU ZARQAWI? Weekly Standard on the man behind the Nick Berg video.
Abu Musab al Zarqawi is hot right now. He masterminded not only Berg's murder but also the Madrid carnage on March 11, the bombardment of Shia worshippers in Iraq the same month, and the April 24 suicide attack on the port of Basra. But he is far from a newcomer to slaughter. Well before 9/11, he had already concocted a plot to kill Israeli and American tourists in Jordan. His label is on terrorist groups and attacks on four continents.

BUSH CAMPAIGN strategist discusses declining approval ratings

THOMAS SOWELL on the hyena press

INDIA ELECTION: Democracy wins
IN last week's elections, the world's largest democracy - India - booted an economically progressive, peace-seeking government that had supported the United States to a degree unprecedented for New Delhi, and returned a notoriously corrupt party of obsolete demagogues to power.
It was a triumph for democracy, and good news for America.

OUTBACK HIJACKING victim feared for her life.
Backpacker Joanne Lees told police in Australia she feared she was going to be raped and killed after she and her boyfriend were flagged down by a gunman on an isolated Outback road. Her statement was read to a court as a mechanic was charged with the murder nearly three years ago of Peter Falconio, who disappeared leaving only a pool of his blood on the road. The disappearance and suspected killing of Mr Falconio, who has not been seen since he stopped his orange Volkswagen camper van for another motorist and apparently was murdered on 14 July, 2001, remains one of Australia’s most perplexing crimes.

Mike Lupica: Jeter's slump is due to A-Rod's presence.
So far, A-Rod looks a lot better in New York than Jeter does playing next to A-Rod in New York. They are only a few yards apart when they are out there in the infield. At the plate, they have been worlds apart. This is the way Reggie Jackson hit once when Dave Winfield got to town, back when Winfield was the new guy.


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