Thursday, July 01, 2004


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1. Greco Middle School teacher.
her sister Angela Beasley - five months pregnant at the time - was killed in a drunken driving accident by Joseph F. Piotrowski, who has since been dismissed from the Army and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

2. More information is coming out about a Tampa, Florida area teacher accused of having sex with a 14-year old student. Provocative photos of 23-year old Debra Lafave taken five years ago have surfaced on the Internet. The photos came from the pages of "Makes & Models" magazine. They were brought to light by a morning radio disc jockey in Tampa. William Ballinger, publisher of the magazine, said Lafave had just turned 18-years old when she arrived at his office for the photo shoot.

3. TAMPA TRIBUNE: Teacher's Past Offers Glimpse At Her Hopes For The Future
After completing her internship, Lafave was hired by the Hillsborough County school district. On her application, Lafave stated: ``I will work hard to ensure that children learn how to positively interact among the multiplicity of personalities, cultures, beliefs and ideals. Ultimately, I will provide my students with a classroom environment that makes them feel free to explore both their creative and intellectual sides.'' After her first year teaching, in July 2003, she married Kristian Owen Lafave, who turned 26 on Wednesday. They live in a town home in Riverview.

4. Roles are reversed, details different, but damage just as painful
Shoop said male and female perpetrators don't get equal treatment in these cases. Men typically get prison time, while women get probation. Well, it's not right. It is old-fashioned discrimination. If Lafave is guilty as charged, she deserves jail time. Then maybe a round on the tell-all talk shows. Already, producers from New York to L.A. are clamoring to talk to her and give her far more positive attention than the woman seems to deserve.

5. THE MAN WHO KILLED DEBRA BEASLEY LAFAVE'S SISTER: Florida v Piotrowski: Drunk driver kills pregnant woman
On the same day, Angela Beasley, 24 years old and five months into a healthy pregnancy, similarly entertained thoughts of a lifestyle change. Recently promoted to loan officer at the credit union where she worked, she had also just finalized the purchase of a new townhouse, where she planned a long future with her unborn daughter, Madison Jean. But at 9:06 p.m., the day took a decidedly devastating turn when an intoxicated Piotrowski got behind a wheel, crashed into Beasley's car, killiing the mother-to-be and her unborn child.

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Zarqawi is trying to kidnap an American female service member to further horrify the U.S. public

1. Kidneys for sale. Beijing tortures prisoners to death, sells their body parts. Who knew?
2. Why Cuomo matters: Liar. Creep. Charlatan. Abortion Monger. Crook. Oh, and Mario Cuomo confuses himself with Abraham Lincoln.
3. DICK MORRIS thinks Bush and Kerry should stick to their strengths. I disagree, Bush should make sure he gets credit for the good economy, too.
4. Conservatives helping Nader getting on the ballot. Isn't democracy great? Democrats don't think so.
5. This is not your land, this is government's land. Law calls for landowners to set aside 65 percent of their property and keep it in its natural, vegetative state.
6. ZARQAWI targets female soldiers
7. TEAM OF THE MONTH: Tampa Bay Devil Rays went 20-6 in the month of June.



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