Monday, August 02, 2004


The following are sites that I have added to my blogroll. Friends, make sure you check them out, they are quite good, informative and entertaining. I apologize for taking this long to publicize my additions and to any I may have left out. They will be duly noted, soon.

1. Mark the Pundit, 2. Dump Dick Burbin, 3. Exultate Justi, 4. Jen Speaks, 5. Uptown Girl, 6. Nikita Demosthenes, 7. Sekimori, 8. Joanne Jacobs, 9. Hedgehog Report, 10. Ambra Nykol, 11. Ace of Spades HQ, 12. Adam Smith Institute's Blog, 13. Down Range, 14. Overlawyered, 15. Practical Penumbra, 16. Reason Magazine's Hit & Run, 17. New Trommetter Times, 18. Taegan Goddard's Political Wire, 19. One Hand Clapping, 20. Useful Fools, and 21. Tim Blair.



FOXSports.com - Clemens asked to leave after arguing call: Houston Astros pitcher Roger Clemens was asked to leave a youth baseball game over the weekend for arguing a close call that went against his son's team.

Clemens was at the game Saturday watching his son, Kacy, compete in a 10-and-under game organized by Triple Crown Sports when Clemens contested a call at second base that went against the Katy Cowboys. He spit sunflower seeds at an umpire's leg and was asked to leave, said Jim Carpenter, a field supervisor with Triple Crown. 'I supported the umpire's decision and he (Clemens) respectfully left,' Carpenter told the Craig Daily Press. Katy lost the game to the Bakersfield Curve, 11-5. Triple Crown Sports features a franchise system aimed at pitting top teams from across the country against each other. Clemens' agent, Randall Hendricks, did not immediately return a call Monday. Clemens has racked up 322 wins and 4,240 strikeouts in his 21-year major league career.


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