Tuesday, August 03, 2004


By Albert Greenland, guest blogger for The Galvin Opinion

Even though Curtis Schweitzer missed my name under the title of my original piece on this topic (mistakenly assuming it was written by Thomas Galvin), his remarks are worthy of comment. His response to my piece was well considered, however, it is his mindset that brought us to the sorry state we are in. Others, like Franklog understand what I'm talking about.

Republicans sit back and say, “We are right. We look at issues reasonably, and our meritorious responses to the issues of our time will win us elections, adherents and the culture war.” WRONG. This is war. Good ideas are useless without great advocacy. Republicans literally are “killed with a thousand cuts” everyday. How many times have I heard that Cheney plotted the Iraq War for Halliburton? How many times have I heard that Bush just cares about oil and that tax cuts are only for the rich? Yes, we must tell the truth, but we have to fight fire with fire. That is what war is all about. Where Al Franken asks how old Ann Coulter is, she better ask him how tall he is. No, she is not lowering herself to his level, but she is taking the war to the enemy and beating him at his own game. They are beating us only be dehumanizing us, spinning that we Republicans (synonymous with, among others, KKK members) want to poison the air, water and kill all the babies. We sit back and let them cut us because we know we are right. Yes, Ann Coulter is the only Republican who acts like a Democrat. When every Republican acts like Ann Coulter (aggressively and even abrasively advocating for conservatism with bite, wit, charm, irony, and sardonic remarks) we will see victory instead of defeat. Democrats do not cannibalize their own. Nor should we (see Jack Ryan, Al D'Amato, Trent Lott, Dan Quayle, George H.W. Bush, Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston, Clarence Thomas, et als).


WFAN: Mets Announcer Bob Murphy Dies 

WFAN: Mets Announcer Bob Murphy Dies:

NEW YORK (CBS) Legendary Hall of Fame Mets announcer Bob Murphy has lost his battle with lung cancer. He was 79 years old. Murphy, who served as the Mets' announcer from 1962 until he retired last year, got his professional start in radio after World War II, when he called Muskogee Reds' games in Oklahoma.

After leaving his native Oklahoma, Murphy went east and joined Red Sox Radio. After his stint in Boston, he went to Baltimore for two years, before joining the Mets. Murphy was the 1994 recipient of the Ford C. Frick Award. Murphy passed away in Florida. Funeral arrangements were not immediately available.

I listened to Bob Murphy calling Mets games since I was a little kid. He was the epitome of what a baseball broadcaster should be. Unlike today's broadcasters, who rehearse dramatic calls in order to insert themselves into the headlines, Murphy was a great observer and play-by-play man. He was memorable because he was unassuming and acted like himself. He never put on airs that insulted the audience's intelligence. His grandfatherly voice, was a calm and serence presence during many bad and a glorious few Mets seasons.

Bob Murphy was one of a kind, but had broad appeal because he acted like he was the average and ordinary baseball fan.

Update: Other Mets fans weighing in... Baseball Crank and more to follow...



By Albert Greenland, guest blogger for The Galvin Opinion

Ann Coulter is the only Republican who acts like a Democrat

Today via The Galvin Opinion I coin the term “Coulterian.” It is an adjective calling to mind Ann Coulter’s witty, pugnacious, caustic, brilliant style of attacking liberals and the liberal agenda. I hope the term catches on and that other Republicans learn from that icon instead of criticizing her. Ann Coulter is, in my opinion, one of the best “spin doctors” alive. Here is my Ann Coulter rant, referencing the queen bee herself:

I had the pleasure of finally meeting Ann Coulter in person (and taking a picture with her!) during her May debate with Al Franken in Hartford, Connecticut. Coulter is the only Republican that truly understands advocacy; in fact, she is the only Republican who acts like a Democrat. Inside the theatre, the raucous crowd of crusty, smug, overfed, upper class Connecticut liberals taunted Coulter. At times during the debate, she could not get a word in edgewise over the rants and jeers, but she fought back hard. At one point she urged the crowd, and I may be paraphrasing just a tad, “Wow. Keep up the behavior. This is just like the Paul Wellstone memorial service.” The most Franken could do was ask Coulter, on the record, how old she was and accuse her of lying about her age on a driver’s license. Coulter retorted, “I’ll tell you how old I am if you tell me how tall you are.” Why can’t the Republicans take a hint? Coulter is the only one who gets it. The best the average Republican pundit can do is to make an attempt at an apology or an excuse, but that is not the answer. We have to circle the wagons around our guys, and gals.

Except for Zel Miller, no Democrat is wishy-washy about supporting “The Party.” Democrats are soldiers, advocates, fierce defenders of “their guys.” To hell with the nation and the security of its citizens, average rank and file partisans will circle the wagons around their own. Just look at how various corrupt Democrats like Bill Clinton have benefited from the phalanx that swings into effect the moment a Democrat’s scurrilous and illegal behavior is exposed. Ed Gillespie, and every Republican politician or pundit should proudly and vociferously advocate for fellow Republicans and conservatism in general. Is Ann Coulter the only one who understands this? Where Democrats come at us like snakes, we must be mongooses. Wake up Republicans, and have some courage for a change! You won’t melt. Cheney had it right when he finally told that flimflam artist Patrick Leahy, “Go f--- yourself.”

Everything is at stake here. The Democrats, like all other rank and file socialists and communists, will do anything to promote their agenda (remember how millions were killed by Lenin’s Red Army during the Communist uprising that began in 1917 Russia). It is time to pull off the gloves and fight back. We will not sell out America to save ourselves, but we will act more like Democrats. It is time to circle the wagons. Republicans must tell the truth, and it is that simple. Let’s tell the truth about how Clinton failed to protect American interests when terrorists struck over and over again. Where the Democrats lie and blame 9/11 on Bush we must not quiver silent in the dark and rely on posterity to redeem us. Most forget that the Twin Towers were bombed during the Clinton administration—and he did nothing about it. The Sudan offered us Bin Laden on a plate, but Clinton and Janet Reno did not wish to wrongfully detain him. No, the only terrorists Reno labeled and jailed were nonviolent abortion protesters. Yes, we have to act like Ann Coulter and publicly admit and proclaim that the Democrats/liberals are behind every problem in America today. Let’s protect our own and not cannibalize ourselves (i.e., prospective Illinois senatorial candidate Jack Ryan). Please, for the sake of our team, take a lesson from Ann Coulter, and scorch the Earth with blinding partisanship.

Remember, in the end, the public respects strength. Democrats spin themselves as “strong” by boldly vilifying Republicans, and Republicans just sit back like fat-cats assuming they will win by less than a percentage point because that is the difference between the sane and the insane. All Bush has to do is to get up at a press conference and say, “Okay I am finally taking my gloves off because the Democrats have insulted me, this nation and our troops one too many times,” and the public will love what he does. High ranking and low ranking Republican politicians, and pundits must get out there and steadily place the blame where it belongs—on the shoulders of the Democratic Party. If anyone is not sure what I mean and needs a primer course, just watch Ann Coulter. Emulate her. That woman has moxie. Be Coulterian!

Update: Curtis of a_sdf, disagrees with the thrust of this argument. James Joyner has interesting info from the Beltway traffic jam.


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