Thursday, September 30, 2004




  1. "John Kerry has been a senator in Washington for the last 20 years. He has not had the opportunity to bear sole responsibility for making a life or death decision."
  2. "No one knows what John Kerry would have done on Iraq. Imagine, if Kerry was president, how confused the world would be during the discussion on whether or not to go to war. He would have flip-flopped and confused our allies and partners and the Iraqi people."
  3. "Saddam would have played Kerry like a fiddle. Hussein would have bluffed and manipulated Kerry into doing his bidding."
  4. "The senator from Massachusetts said that we have traded a dictator for a chaos that has not made us safer. Kerry believes that our children are safer with Saddam in power. I believe that our children are safer because Saddam is in prison and will never get a chance to push the nuclear button."
  5. "If the senator from Massachusetts faced a crisis that was threatening our country, he would have to make some hard decisions in a short amount of time. He is used to consulting many opinions, second-guessing himself, casting contradictory votes in the senate. Those are not the qualities we require of a commander in chief. A president has to be decisive, resolute and lead the country to do what he thinks is right."
  6. "I will not seek permission to defend the United States from harm. My opponent, has criticzed me for not doing the opposite."
  7. "50 years ago, Americans believed that Europe would be better off if it was free from fascism, socialism and communism. Since then, Europe has enjoyed its longest period of sustained peace. I believe that Arabs who live in the Middle East would be better off if they lived in freedom instead of living under the thumb of despots."
  8. "I'm not afraid of helping to facilitate change in the world in order for Americans to be safer. John Kerry is so worried what others think of him that he would rather maintain the status quo instead of working to help free millions of people and do what it takes to eliminate those who harbor terrorists."
  9. "I am not afraid to do what is right. John Kerry is afraid to do something if it affects his popularity. I think it is worth it to fight terrorists abroad instead of on our shores. I'm not sure what John Kerry thinks about that. I'm not sure what the senator from Massachusetts thinks about many issues because he keeps changing his position."
  10. "Right after 9/11, there was shock around the world and millions expressed solidarity with us. However, a more sinister voice emerged after the shock wore off; many people said they were happy to see America finally kicked in the teeth or that America deserved what happened. John Kerry has failed to acknowledge those sentiments, acting as if the ill will towards us only appeared after we invaded Iraq. The fact is that America was popular after the Berlin Wall fell. What happened during the 1990s to cause our popularity to fall? Hardly anyone heard of Osama bin Laden or Al Qaeda in 1993, how did those terrorists grow so powerful during the Clinton Administration? The fact is that America grew increasingly unpopular during Bill Clinton's presidency. The Clinton Administration tried hard to be popular with all sides and that didn't work too well in the long run. I am willing to face criticism and to make the hard decisions as long as America is safer."


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