Friday, October 22, 2004


Hall of Fame nominees, Dan Marino and Steve Young

NFL week 7
Sunday, Oct. 24
Philadelphia 7 CLEVELAND
INDIANAPOLIS 9 Jacksonville
CAROLINA 3 San Diego
St. Louis 6 MIAMI
TAMPA BAY 7 Chicago
NEW ENGLAND 6 New York Jets
OAKLAND 3 New Orleans
Monday, Oct. 25
Denver 6 CINCINNATI 43

NCAA Football
(24)NOTRE DAME 7 Boston College
(12)PURDUE 4 (13)Michigan
(11)TENNESSEE 8 Alabama
(4)Miami N.C. STATE

Pro Football: Baltimore, NYGiants, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Tennessee, San Diego, St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta, NYJets, Dallas, Arizona, New Orleans, Cincinnati, 43

College Football: Notre Dame, Purdue, Tennessee, N.C. State

Tom Galvin: 13-5
Quita: 10-8
Uptown Girl: 10-8
The Man: 8-10

Tom Galvin: 51-42-3
Quita: 35-39-1
Uptown Girl: 29-23-1
The Man: 27-26-1

Rules: Send your picks before I post MY picks, Friday at 5pm. Choose who you think will beat the spread for each game. As a tiebreaker, predict the total points for the Monday night game. Tiebreaker decided by who comes closest to the total (regardless of over/under). E-mail your picks to GALVINOPINION at YAHOO dot COM. If you have a blog, give me your URL.



Yahoo! News - Neglected Hawaii Emerges As Swing State:

"The only statewide media poll, more than two months ago, showed Kerry leading Bush, 48-41. Private polling reviewed by strategists for both Kerry and Bush more recently suggests the race is still that close.

Hawaii may not be a big-vote, difference-making tossup state like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania, but the race is remarkable in a state Democrat Al Gore won by 20 percentage points in 2000 - and one that has been solid blue on most election maps. Democratic strategists in Washington privately admit they have neglected Hawaii, but no more.

They have dispatched political operatives to shore up Kerry's support and believe the race is now about as close as Washington state and Oregon, two long-standing battlegrounds that both parties think are leaning toward Kerry. Open campaigning for the presidency is just getting started in the islands. The first major rally for Kerry and Sen. John Edwards was Friday near the state Capitol.

Campaign signs for Bush and vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney are just now popping up along roadsides. Local candidates in leis line major thoroughfares and freeway entrances with their own signs in Hawaii's colorful honk-and-wave style of campaigning. But during the campaign no major national political figure, much less Bush or Kerry, has set foot in the state, 4,800 miles from Washington.

'They're going to rely on us to carry the election here,' said Republican Gov. Linda Lingle. Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon are the only GOP presidential candidates ever to win Hawaii's vote. They, like Bush, were running for second terms. Republicans say Bush has been helped by cable television ads running in the islands."

Yahoo! News - Neglected Hawaii Emerges As Swing State



Yahoo! News - U.S. Expat Voters Out in Record Numbers in Germany:

"The fourth largest U.S. expatriate community in the world, the 270,000 Americans in Germany have traditionally leaned toward Republicans because the large number of soldiers, generally seen as more conservative, and the coordinated efforts of the military to get absentee ballots to the 100,000 troops. But with the 2000 election decided by 537 votes in Florida, large numbers of civilians have also registered and sent ballots to their home states, many for the first time in decades.

'It's wild, we've had a 10-fold increase in registration,' said Henry Nickel, chairman of the German chapter of Republicans Abroad. 'I used to have a job in property development but helping people register and vote is all I do now.'

The war in Iraq and President Bush's foreign policies, both unpopular in Germany, have electrified the German public, which polls show would overwhelmingly back Democratic challenger John Kerry if they could vote in the United States.

Some Germans have channelled that energy into campaigns to persuade Americans in Germany to register and vote -- which can be an arduous battle with bureaucracy. 'We're getting involved because America's policies have a big impact on our lives,' said Sarah Voigt, one of about 50 Germans working for a pro-Kerry organization that is helping the 20,000 Americans in Berlin register. Her group has also staged rallies urging Germans to pressure their American friends to vote in the Nov. 2 election."

Yahoo! News - U.S. Expat Voters Out in Record Numbers in Germany


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