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The Galvin Opinion thinks it looks like Kerry scuffed the truth, again

-Kerry now claims he attended Boston political dinner in "early evening"

-Claims he took shuttle flight to New York

-Game 6 started at 8:30 p.m.

-But, the last shuttle flight leaves Boston for NY at 8:30

ESPN.com: Kerry camp claims he was at Boston dinner and Game 6 in NY, on same night

John Kerry claims that he was at the famous Game 6 of the 1986 World Series between the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox. That game ended in memorable fashion when Boston's Bill Buckner allowed a ball to roll through his legs enabling the Mets to win the game in amazing fashion. Kerry stated in an interview with ESPN.com that he was at the game in New York's Shea Stadium.

6. We've got to ask you some Red Sox questions. Do you believe in the curse?

Do I believe in it? No, but it certainly makes a powerful argument from time to time. I mean, I don't believe in curses, but I do think that we've been under a cloud here and there. I was 30 yards away from Billy Buckner in that famous Shea Stadium game in '86. So I've been there in the heartbreaks. And I was screaming at the television set when Grady did not pull Pedro out.

Thanks to bloggers like Football Fans for Truth, it turns out that Kerry did not spend his entire evening in New York. Bloggers have discovered a Boston Globe article that placed Kerry at a political dinner the very night of the game, Saturday October 25, 1986 - in Boston.

Published on October 26, 1986
Author(s): Peter J. Howe, Globe Staff
"New Mexico's governor, who holds the highest elected post of any Hispanic nationwide, and the head of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination were given awards for political excellence last night by the Massachusetts Latino Democratic Committee.

More than 250 people -- including Gov. Dukakis, US Sen. John Kerry and an array of state Cabinet members -- attended the banquet at the World Trade Center in South Boston honoring Gov. Toney Anaya and Alex Rodriguez."

Now the Kerry campaign is claiming to ESPN.com that Kerry attended both the game and the dinner.

Despite doubts by watchdog groups about the logistics of being at two events at the same time, Sen. John Kerry did attend both a political banquet in Boston and Game 6 of the 1986 World Series in New York on the same night 18 years ago, according to the Democratic presidential candidate's senior campaign advisor.
"Sen. Kerry attended a public event in [Massachusetts] in the early evening and hopped a shuttle flight from Boston to NYC. [Kerry] got to Shea with the game in progress," Michael Meehan, Kerry's senior campaign advisor, wrote to ESPN.com in an e-mail. "Remember the Sox were up 3-2 so all of Red Sox Nation was planning for a Series win."

It is highly unlikely that Kerry attended both a political dinner in Boston and the World Series game in New York on the same night. According to Baseball-Almanac.com the game (remember, an extra-inning affair) lasted 4:02 hours. According to a first-person account by a fan, Bill Lehecka, who attended the game, Game 6 started at 8:30 p.m. That means the 10 inning game ended at around 12:32 a.m.

Kerry claims he took a shuttle flight from Boston to New York. I believe (this is where I'm iffy so I hope someone can point out if I'm wrong here) that the Delta Shuttle was the only operating shuttle during the mid 1980's. I'm also unsure if Delta offered more Saturday flights back then, but I doubt it. Examining Delta Shuttle's current schedule for Saturday night flights, one notices that the last shuttle flight from Boston to New York leaves at 8:30 p.m.

As for that political dinner, why would it occur during the "early evening" on a Saturday night? Assume that the dinner was early and that Kerry left Boston's World Trade Center for the airport. Remember, in 1986 he was not yet married to Teresa Heinz and her billions. He couldn't get a helicopter to zip him around, he had to deal with Boston traffic. This was before the Ted Williams Tunnel was built.

Kerry would, presumably, had to have left the dinner no later than 7:30 to fight through Boston traffic and make it to the shuttle, on time. A flight from Boston to New York take about 1:15. Assume that Kerry's flight left on time, landed on time and he had to fight through normal New York traffic to get to Shea Stadium. Therefore, one has to assume that John Kerry settled into his Shea Stadium seat at 10:30 p.m., a full 2 hours after the game started!

Remember, the game went into extra-innings. The Red Sox scored 2 runs in the top of the 10th and the Mets scored 3 runs in the bottom of the inning. The extra frame probably added at least 30 minutes to the length of the game. The lasted 4:02. There was no way of knowing, when boarding the plane, whether the game would be a short pitcher's duel or a long tension-filled affair.

Possible John Kerry timeline on Saturday October 25, 1986
5:00 Attend "early" political dinner
7:30 Leave Boston World Trade Center for Logan Airport
8:30 Shuttle flight departs for New York
8:30 Game 6 between Mets and Red Sox begins
9:45 Shuttle flight arrives in New York
10:30 Kerry arrives at Shea Stadium seat, 30 yards away from 1st base
12:00 Game goes into extra innings around this time
12:32 Mookie Wilson's hit goes through Bill Buckner's legs

Is it possible that Kerry attended an "early" dinner and then flew to New York for the baseball game? Yes. Is it likely that this happened? No way, the key is how early did the dinner actually take place.

If anyone could refute any of the information please do - I'm especially interested in the shuttle flight information (i.e., schedule and airlines).

Update, check out the following for more info: Football Fans for Truth, Kerry Haters, Bad Hair Blog, Rob Bernard, NZ Pundit, PrestoPundit, Just One Minute, Baseball Crank, Ace of Spades, Aaron's Rantblog, and Ipse Dixit.

Another Update: More Opinions on the latest explanation given to ESPN, Approximately Perfect, CamEdwards, Brothers Judd, Just One Minute, and Ace of Spades.



And you thought blogs are boring... Have fun with the Lawrence O'Donell Drinking Game

Why let crazed liberal talking heads have all the fun. Grab your Sweetie and curl up by the warm glow of your computer. Make sure you are sipping on hot chocolate, or something stronger (wink, wink).

Cue up Pink Floyd's song "Money" from their album, "Dark Side of the Moon," on your CD player. Amazingly, as you read O'Donnell's words, below, you'll hear the song's cash register make the "cha-ching" sound every time O'Donnell says "liar" "lie" or "lies" to Vietnam veteran, John O'Neill.

The Lawrence O'Donnell Drinking Game: The music is by Pink Floyd, the lyrics and inspiration come from the playground bully himself, Lawrence O'Donnell. Have fun...

LAWRENCE O‘DONNELL, MSNBC SR. POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, let‘s get back to the truth.

The fact of the matter is that John O‘Neill on MSNBC had to face—debate an argument with Kerry‘s bands of brothers people who served with him in Vietnam and knew him well, and plenty of the people who served on that boat with him have come on MSNBC and other networks and refuted much of what‘s in that book.

And then John O‘Neill‘s own sources, like Larry Thurlow, turned out to be nuts. He turned out to claim in John O‘Neill‘s book—and Pat Buchanan and I have both written nonfiction books, and we write them to a very high standard, not this O‘Neill standard, where he never tells you in his book that Thurlow got a Bronze Star for the same thing that Kerry got a Bronze Star for, the same encounter with the enemy. And that citation says that there was enemy fire.

And the guy, and this Thurlow, who received this Bronze Star, wants us to believe that 35 years had passed and he had never read the words on his own citation. It‘s one of the many lies that the book advances. To me, the most interesting lie, John O‘Neill, that I would submit to you that you should is, you make a lying claim that John Kerry‘s anti-war activity prolonged the amount of time that prisoners of war were held in Vietnam.

You know the truth is what got them out of Vietnam was ending the war. You know the truth is that John Kerry helped end that war sooner through the protests. And I‘d like to ask you, John O‘Neill, when you got back from Vietnam, what did you do to save a single life that you left behind in Vietnam? What did you do to get the American soldiers out of Vietnam? / Ending the war, which you didn‘t do a thing to do. You didn‘t have the courage to lift a finger against it. / That‘s a lie, John O‘Neill. Keep lying. It‘s all you do. / Lies. He doesn‘t justify anything. / What did you do to end the war? What did you do to get them out? What did you do to end the war? You didn‘t lift a finger. / What did you do to end the war, not what you did to fight it? / One sentence about what you did to end it. / What did you do to end the illegal American war in Vietnam? One sentence. / Nixon continued the illegal war for no reason. He won nothing. The peace plan he got he could have gotten on the first day of his presidency. / Which is not in John O‘Neill‘s book, because it‘s a lie. / That‘s a lie. It‘s another lie. That‘s a lie. / Absolutely lie. / You lie in that book endlessly claiming that reports belonged to Kerry that don‘t have his name on it, John O‘Neill. / You lie about documents endlessly. His name is not on the reports. / You‘re just lying about it. / And you lied about Thurlow‘s Bronze Star. You lied about it as long as you could until “The New York Times” found the wording of what was on the citation that you, as a lying writer, refused to put in your pack-of-lies book. / Disgusting, lying book. / You have no standards, John O‘Neill, as an author. And you know it. It‘s a pack of lies. You are unfit to publish. / Lies. / He just lies. He just spews out lies. / Point to his name on the report, you liar. Point to his name, you liar. These are military records. Point to a name. / There‘s no name. You just spew lies. / I just hate the lies of John O‘Neill. / I hate lies. / It‘s not an argument. They‘re proven lies. Every single journalistic look at this book has ripped it apart, left it in shreds. O‘Neill is a liar. He‘s been a liar for 35 years about this. And he found other liars to... / They have come on. They have told you. Every single person who served with John Kerry... / I‘ve gone through every single incident. / O‘Neill never served with them, never met them until Vietnam. Everybody who was on that boat with Kerry says all of this stuff is a lie. / Why have none of them signed the sworn affidavits that admirals and others have signed? / Those affidavits have no legal meaning. They are fraudulent. / They‘re fraudulent? Twenty people got up and lied and signed their name to it? / Yes. / Because some of those people have signed their names to reports that say John Kerry‘s conduct in Vietnam was exemplary, reports written at the time. You can‘t sign both documents. They are lying somewhere. / What are the initials on the report? / Just tell me the initials, you liar. / Creepy liar. / Does that matter to you? They‘re not his initials? Does that matter to you at all? / ... liar who makes things up. / Does it have his name or his initials on it? / Does it have someone else‘s initials? Yes. Did you bother to find out who wrote it? No, because you want the lie.

Here are the others who recognize the artistry and nuance of Lawrence O'Donnell's performance: Michelle Malkin, Joe's Freshwater Blog, Frizzen Sparks, Margi Lowry, Fly Under the Bridge, Current Events Vista, and Anti-Bathos.

Update: Liberals have a problem with directly apologizing to the conservatives they sought to destroy. Lawrence O'Donnell hid behind Pat Buchanan's pitchfork, having the former Nixon speechwriter deliver his apology for him. But, he apologized to all 3 of his viewers instead of his insulted guest, John O'Neill... See also, INDC, Pink Flamingo, View from my Right, Politicker, Capital Ideas, and Truth, Lies, Common Sense.



Honolulu Star-Bulletin Hawaii News: Bush takes lead in Hawaii poll

John Kerry has another "blue state" to defend. President Bush is now the leader of 2 polls surveying the state of Hawaii. Both the Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin/KITV polls have Bush with a one percent lead.

Al Gore won the state of Hawaii by 67,441 votes, an 18.33% difference over George W. Bush.

Hawaii, 2000
Gore 205,286 55.79%
Bush 137,845 37.46%

Hawaii, 2004 10/13-10/18
Kerry 42.6%
Bush 43.3%

"President Bush is now ahead of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, according to a new statewide Star-Bulletin and KITV 4 News poll.

The numbers show a shift in Hawaii voters towards the Republican president. The new poll of 612 registered voters who said they are likely to vote in the election has Bush with a one percent lead. In August, Kerry was leading by seven percentage points.

Until this poll, Hawaii has been considered to be a a solid, strong bastion for Kerry and the Democrats because only twice in Hawaii's state history has it voted for a Republican. But Hawaii has always voted for the incumbent president who wins a second term. Hawaii voted for Richard Nixon's second term, Ronald Reagan's second term and Bill Clinton's second term. Hawaii has four electoral votes.

In the 2000 presidential race, Hawaii was a strong Democratic state and Bush had only 37 percent of the vote.

Bush is winning 51 percent of the male vote in Hawaii, while Kerry is picking up 47 percent of the female vote. Bush also leads with more than half of the vote among those 35 to 44 and those 55 to 64. Kerry is strongest in Hawaii with younger voters. He has 60 percent of those 18 to 24 and 54 percent of those 25 to 34.

According to the poll's breakdown along ethnic lines, Caucasians equally support Bush and Kerry. But, Filipino-American voters are overwhelmingly in support of Bush, by a 56 to 36 percent margin. Half of Japanese-American voters support Kerry, while more than half of the Hawaiian and part-Hawaiian voters support Bush.

Gov. Linda Lingle, the titular head of the Hawaii GOP, said Hawaii voters are responding to Bush's strong image as a wartime leader."

The Galvin Opinion: Friday, Oct 22- Hawaii: A Swing State?



Second Cousins have never met President Bush

Yahoo! News - 7 Bush Cousins Launch Pro-Kerry Web Site:

Imagine if your grandfather's sister's grandchildren, who you never met, set up a website against you in order to score political points.

Their website "Bush Relatives for Kerry" is misleading. The title suggests that these people have special and personal knowledge of why Bush should not be re-elected president. But, they have never met him. So, you and I know George W. Bush as well as these relatives do.

"Seven distant relatives of President Bush have created a Web site urging visitors: 'Please, don't vote for our cousin.'

The Bush relatives, supporters of Democratic challenger John Kerry, say they've never met the president but disagree with his policies ranging from the war in Iraq to the environment.

The Web site was launched in late September 'to help America heal from the sickness it has suffered since George Bush was appointed president in 2000.'

'I don't really feel like it's a betrayal,' said Sheila House, the president's second cousin and co-creator of the site. 'I'll definitely admit that we're using the relationship as a hook to get people to talk about politics.'"




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