Wednesday, November 03, 2004


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This election was a battle between President Bush and the mainstream media

President Bush won a 2nd term in the 2004 election. He is the first presidential candidate to win over 50% of the vote since his father did so in 1998. President Bush's win was hard-fought and well earned. He faced the slings and arrows of not only the Democratic nominee, John Kerry, but many liberal groups and most importantly, the mainstream media.

John Kerry was merely a weapon in the media's all-out assault on the Bush Administration. Ever since he came into power Bush's legitimacy as president has been questioned, his religious beliefs scorned, and his conservative values mocked by the media. Many powerful voices in newspapers, magazines, television news and via other outlets were relentless in their pursuit of hounding this man out of office.

Instead of letting the media's hatred bother him in a way that Richard Nixon succumbed to, President Bush let the Beltway body blows roll off his back. He never engaged in divisive name calling, political retribution and partisan squabbling. George W. Bush remained above the fray supremely confident that the American people would be able to see what kind of man he is, despite the media's filter.

President George W. Bush defeated the media, last night, pure and simple. John Kerry was the frontman for the hopes and dreams of those who hoped to see a believing pro-life Christian kicked out of the White House.

The voices of America spoke loud and clear; they listened to George W. Bush and ignored the media.

Nov. 29th Update: Jay Rosen collects 21 instances of where writers claim the media lost this election.


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